Vol. 90 nos. 1 & 2

Summer/Fall 2023


Three Feet in the Evening, Richard Bausch
Walking to Work, Ravi Jain
If By Your Art, David McGlynn
The Bye Byes, Andrew Peters


The Kid, Lori White
A Certain Heft of Stone, Brandon Lewis
Death for Dinner, Traci Brimhall
She Writes You Letters, Olivia Fantini
School Children, Krista Eastman


Frank’s Lobby, Tamas Dobozy, Editor’s Choice Award
He Said/He Said, S. Erin Batiste, Patricia Cleary Miller Award for Poetry
The Binding Thing, David Lerner Schwartz, Robert Day Award for Fiction
A Little Slice of the Moon, Summer Hammond, Conger Beasley Jr. Award for Nonfiction


Artist Statement, Anne Austin Pearce
Acrlyic, Inks, Collage on Paper, Anne Austin Pearce


Nine Persimmons, Kerry James Evans
Exercise in Negation, Marissa Davis
Two Poems, Carrie Shipers
Two Poems, Caroline Chavatel
Looking Up the Word Bully, Leonore Hildebrandt
Two Poems, Rebecca Foust
Three Poems, Albert Goldbarth
Two Poems, Daniel Donaghy
Eastern Garter, Mark Rubin
Lunette 30, Bruce Bond
Three Poems, Henry Walters
Ingenio, John W. Evans


Not for Nostalgia, Robert Stewart
Solving for X: Wagner’s Tenth, J. Khan
The Story and Its Narrator, Liz Schroeder