Vol. 89 nos. 3 & 4

Summer/Fall 2023


Editor’s Note, Christie Hodgen


Floating, Jackelyn Hoy
Mrs. Macaulay Saw, Colleen Morrissey
Clocks, Jesse Lee Kercheval
The Monkeys Stake Their Claim, Michael Czyzniejewski
Do You Remember Me?, Jeffrey Winter


Right Now, I’m a Chauffeur, Bud Jennings
Shelter, Sarah Myers
Development, Jessica Walker
What I Do to People Who Don’t Love Me, Carrie Hall
If/Then, Courtney Miller Santo
Left Behind, Lucy McBee
The Middle Age: On Wonder, J. Vivian Chiu
The Sadness of July, Katie Jean Shinkle


Introduction to Photographs, 1930s Romania, Ana-Maria Prundaru
Photographs, Ana-Maria Prundaru


When the Human in You, AE Hines
Two Poems, Alice White
Two Poems, Virginia Konchan
Waterslide, Daniel Ruiz
Two Poems, Stephen Knauth
Two Poems, Kathryn Smith
Two Poems, W.J. Herbert
Ekphrasis: “El Tío Paquette,” Francisco De Goya,Ca. 1819–1820, John Blair
Two Poems, Mike Carlson
Two Poems, Shannon Moran


Being Here, Philosophizing Suicide, Liz Tascio
The Natural World: Three Reviews on Nature, Liz Tascio