Vol. 85 nos. 2 & 3

Winter/Spring 2019


Slowness, Robert Stewart


Independence Road, first place, the New Letters fiction award, Amy Widmoyer Hanson

The Day After Christmas, Trish Reeves


Eulogy for Peter Everwine, Christopher Buckley

The Bachelors, a partial definition, Margot Livesey

Those Scars, Patrick Dobson

Cataract Surgery, first place, the Conger Beasley Jr. award for the essay, Robert Stothart

so much depends upon . . . astrophysics?, Thomas Stroik

Pintaric the Town Philosopher, Josip Novakovich


At the Hermitage, Peter Everwine
Unless We Can Establish Undeniably the Objective Reality of Ghosts . . ., David Clewell
Three Poems, Alice Friman

Two Poems, Jim Barnes
Joseph Sudek (Prague, 1896-1976), first place, the New Letters award for poetry, Betty Ritz Rogers
Three Poems, about jazz & Roethke, Richard Terrill
Four Poems, David Thoreen
Nothing Will Warn You, Stephen Dunn
A Messenger, Christopher Howell
Two Poems, Charles Harper Webb


“Work in Progress: The Beginnings of a Biography,” on Evan S. Connell., Steve Paul

“An Anywhere Road for Anybody Anyhow,” on the poems of Denise Low., Julia Older

“A Short History of What Matters,” on the poetry of Jose Padua, Robert Stewart


Photographs by Micha Langer & Gloria Baker Feinstein

Paintings by Kathryn Jankus Day