Vol. 80 no. 2

Winter 2014


Such Simplicity, Robert Stewart


The Others Are Strangers, Rashaan Alexis Meneses 

The Archbishop Loses His Faith, Biran Doyle 

Ngozi’s Gifts, Pellom McDaniels III 

Xirimiri, Diana Friedman 

The New People, Gary Gildner


Strong Brown God, Fleda Brown  

Be a Man, Man, Ben Langston


A Poet at Poets House, Martha Strom 
Two Poems, Patricia Traxler 
Two Poems, Linda Pastan 
Three Poems, Carolyne Wright 
Lost, Eric Pankey 
Weather Report from Cottonwood Spring, Steve Lautermilch 
Four Poems, Albert Goldbarth 
Sudden Rain on Mt. Tempo, Paula Bohince 
Island Moving Beneath Clouds, Christopher Buckley 

Five Poems, Jessica Anne Cuello 
Sunday in New York 1965, James McKinley


Introduction to Janice N. Harrington, Staff

Poet in the Wild, conducted by Robert Stewart, Janice N. Harrington


“Bird Lives, Jazz Lives,” on the life of Charlie Parker by Chuck Haddix, Dan Jaffe 

“How to Steal an Imaginary Friend,” on the poetry of Carolyne Wright, Katie Manning 

“Appalachian Song Cycle,” on the fiction of Susan Tekulve, Catherine Browder 

“The Different Faces of Love,” on the poetry of Marilyn Kallet, Maria James-Thiaw 

“All the Hard, Broken Things,”on the short stories of Aurelie Sheehan, Jacqueline Kolosov


Artwork by Carol Zastoupil & Don Beaulieu
Photographs by Steve Lautermilch