Vol. 79 no. 2

Winter 2013


The Opposite, Also, Robert Stewart


Last Words, Gabriel Welsch 

Cultivation, Thomas Fox Averill 

What the Water Is (Fig. 1-8), Amanda Hartzell 

Barrel Heat, Robert Day


May or May Not, Sandra Gail Lambert 

Confessions of an Actual Mad Man, James McKinley 

Hardware Store, James G. Brueggemann 

Genius of the Word, Willis Barnstone


History: Three Poems, B. H. Fairchild 
To a Beach in Spain, Susan Rieke A Myth from the Palm Leaf Manuscript, Josephine Yu 
Two Poems, translated by Valzhyna Mort, Andrej Khadanovich 
“Words Can’t Describe Orbison’s Voice on This Last Show”, Charles Harper Webb
The Birth of Stand-Up, George Economou 
Three Poems, Maxine Kumin  

Sylt I, Valzhyna Mort 
Three Poems, James Capozzi 
Three Poems, Howard Schwartz 
Two Poems, Linda M. Hasselstrom 
Juilliard Cento Sonnet, Philip Dacey 
*, Simon Perchik 
Son, Chris Green 
Four Poems, Willis Barnstone


Closer to the Water, an interview conducted by Angela Elam, Valzhyna Mort


“Better Words,” advice on poetry writing by Stephen Dobyns, Trish Reeves 

“Clipboards at the Door,” on a memoir by Kelly Barth, Lisa D. Stewart 

“Remaking Joy,” on the poetry of Karen An-hwei Lee, Jacqueline Kolosov


Photographs by Dana Fritz, Philip Heying, Matt Rahner & Jon Scott Anderson
Paintings by Eric Zener