Vol. 78 nos. 3 & 4

Spring/Summer 2012


Resilience, Robert Stewart


Roma v. Lazio, Brian Doyle

Everything I Know of You I Know From Your Warts, Maggie Harrison

One in a Million, Gary Gildner


A Yeti in the District, Donald Hall

Occupying the Real West, Judy Blunt

The Girl in the Mirror, translated by Thomas E. Kennedy, Kaare Scheuer Pedersen

Shuffletown, Joseph Bathanti

The Glass Negatives, Introduction to poems, Trish Reeves

The Last Six Months, Mariko Nagai


Two Poems, Jo McDougall 
Four Poems, Venus Khoury-Ghata 
Unofficial Missouri Poem, William Trowbridge 
Three Poems, John Kinsella 
Three Poems, Mia Leonin 
Eight Poems, Trish Reeves 

Birds Be With You, Rebeca Lehmann 
Seeing the Elephant, Dwayne Thorpe 
Incantations to Snow, Lawrence Revard 
Month of Ashes, Maryfrances Wagner 
Visiting the Master, Peter Serchuk 
Hospital Corners, Linda Kunhardt


What a Fool, on the poetry of William Trowbridge, Gary Dop

Laughter in the Dark, the writing of men about aging, Ellen Visson

More Than Brevity, the essays of Sven Birkerts, Crystal Radley

Complicated Silence, on the poetry of Amanda Auchter, Kristina Marie Darling

For Want of Wonder, on the nature essays of Amy Leach, Andrew Johnson

Unflinching Testimony, on the poetry of Carol Frost, Alice Friman


Photographs by Gloria Baker Feinstein & Kimbra Hess

Archival pigment prints by Rolf Brommelsiek