Vol. 77 nos. 3 & 4

Spring/Summer 2011


Music & Potatoes, Robert Stewart


Once Upon a Time, Again, James McKinley 

Dead Silence, Robin Hemley 


Born Again and Again, Joe Miller 

Of What I Do Not or Cannot Remember, Amy Lee Scott 

Of This World: Poetry & Paradise, Willis Barnstone 

Calling Flash Gordon, Hilary Masters 

How God Might Experience Time, Clancy Martin 

Attention Must Be Paid, William Trowbridge 


Fado: Black Boat, Marily Hacker 
3 Poems, Joseph Bathanti 
Christmas Concert, With Violin, Dave Smith 
Do This Together, Jennifer Anne Moses 
Selected Notes on Beauty, H.C. Palmer 
4 Poems, Donald Hall
House cut out or a children’s picture book, Venus Khoury-Ghata 
3 Poems, Trish Reeves 

School, Daniel J. Langton 
Judas’ Mother, Joseph Millar
Troika, Linda Kunhardt 


Battle Intense, an interview with Brian Turner, Robert Stewart


Give God Another Chance, on new poems by Christopher Buckley, Walter Bargen 

Trouble in the Mines, on a recent novel from Sweetgum Press, Catherine Browder 

Return to the Greenhouse, on the essays of Jen Hirt, Lucy Bryan Green 

The Bleak, the Oblique, the Resolution, on Tim Johnston’s short stories, Linda Burnett 

A Summing Up, on the prose pieces of Robert Dana, Richard Terrill 


Photographs by Eli Reichman and Lissette Solorzano