Vol. 76 no. 2

Winter 2010


Despite Appearances, Robert Stewart


The Duckling, Dorthe Nors, translated by Martin Aitken 

She frequented cemeteries, Dorthe Nors, translated by Martin Aitken 

Turbulence, Speer Morgan 

Inside the Break, Siobhan Fallon 


from Companion to the Particulars, Michelle Boisseau 

Norman Mailer is Coming to Dinner, Rose Bunch 

Adventures of an Old Dude, Thomas E. Kennedy 


At Sixth and Provident Drive, Kelly Moore 
The Perfect Stranger, Mark Smith 
Three Poems, Alexandra Teague 
In the Rubble of the World, Maggie Anderson 
Two Poems, Kerry James Evans 
Volcano, Kerry James Evans 
Old Woman Praying in Church, Peter Cooley 
Two Poems, Jeff Worley 
Women’s Sanitary Corps, 1861, Daneen Wardrop 
Three Poems, Heather Bell 

Three Poems, Linda Pastan 
The Purple Suede Hat, Colette Inez 
Five Poems, Kamil Zajac, translated by Frank L. Vigoda 
Two Poems, Christopher Buckley 
Four Poems, John Knoepfle 


Hard Work, or the Long Story of Witness, an interview with Maggie Anderson, conducted by Matthew Cooperman


Rehabilitating the working Man From the Clutches of False Realism, on the writing of Eric Miles Williamson, Anis Shivani 

Antidote to Ailing Fiction, on the stories of Anis Shivani, Catherine Browder 

Counter Revolutions in Silent Comedy, on the films of Chaplin and Lloyd, Colin Fleming 

The Poet as Celebrant, on the late Robert Dana, Ingrid Wendt


Photographs by Gina Kelly

Watercolors by Steve McClure