Vol. 76 no. 1

Fall 2009


The Narrow Gate, Robert Stewart


But You’re Not, Abby Frucht 

Sip of Wine, Sara Pritchard 

The Guinea Pig, Clancy Martin 


Feremented Milk, Renne Giovarelli 

Friends with Fatima, Krista Eastman 


Two Poems, Maxine Kumin
Interpretation of Tonuges, Afaa M. Weaver 
Silent Running, Dennis Finnell 
The Book of Wishes, Sam Taylor 
Three Poems, Michael Hudson 
Downpour, Robert Dana 
Constants of Motion, Roald Hoffmann 
Like I’m Forgetting, Roy Scranton 
Two Poems, Jason Mccall 
Alice Paul, Noel Crook 
Two Poems, Elizabeth Hoover 
The Employee Manual of Standard Policies and Procedures, Terrance Hayes 
82Pantoum on Baghdad and Fish, Alexis Sellas 
Two Poems, Perry O’Brien 
Two Poems, Leslie Ann Minot 
Two Poems, Robert Funge 
Market Price, Baghdad, Susanna Lang 

A Shadow in the Rain, James Brock 
Those Holes Were His Eyes, Philip Metres 
Doing My Part, Paula Kolek 
The Bodies Beneath the Table, W.D. Ehrhart 
On the Doctrine of Pre-emption, Steven Kronen 
from America, a History in Verse Volume 7, the 18th Century, Edward Sanders 
Six Poems, Edward Sanders 


An American History, Line by Line, an interview with Edward Sanders, conducted by Steve Paul 


Pressure Put on Poems, on the collected poems of Jack Spicer, Stephan Delbos 

Carving Out a World, on Mia Leonin’s memoir, Michael Parker 

The Need to Keep Walking, on the fiction of A.S. Byatt., Peter Wolfe 

A Complicit Loneliness, on a novel by Celine Curiol, Katherine D. Stutzman 

Double Word Score, on Kevin McFadden’s poems, Brent Newsom 


Paintings by Ellen Pearce
Photographs by Stephen Grote & Nestor Arenas