Vol. 75 nos. 2 & 3

Winter/Spring 2009


Chalenge, Robert Stewart


Haints at Noon, Marlin Barton 

Dirt Men, Tim Johnston 

Layover, Matthew Pitt 


The Commuter, Primo Ventello 

Hammock Variations, James Bogan 

Three Hooks, Robyn Anspach 

Uncle Danny Comes to America: introduction to poet Dan Turell, Thomas E. Kennedy 

When Gladiolas Surprise the Nasturtiums, Mary Hower 

The Night Shift, Ben Fountain 

The Perils of Poetic Film Making, James Bogan 


Waiting for the Mail from Ramallah, Tyler Caroline Mills 
Three Poems, Eric Torgersen 
Two Poems, Robert Sims Reid 
Ski Jumper, Laurie Zimmerman 
Four Poems, Laurie Zimmerman 
The Art Historian Loses Her Sight, Elizabeth Schott
Landscape, Elizabeth Schott 
Three Poems, Alice Friman 
Dance, Willis Barnstone 
My Father Dancing, Tony Barnstone 
Three Poems, translated by Thomas E. Kennedy, Dan Turell 
Two Poems, Victoria Chang 

Two Poems, translated by Tom Priestly, Cvekta Lipus 
Two Poems, Teddy Macker 
Hearts and Mouths, Jay Neugeboren Two Poems, Wallis Wilde-Menozzi 
Masters of the Plein Air, Bruce Bond 
M Theory and the Apthegm of Bones, Christopher Buckley 


The Split Life, an interview with Victoria Change, conducted by Robert Stewart


Aiming Straight, on the poetry of Ruth Stone, Alice Friman 

Stays Against Insularity, on translations of Darwish, al-Massri and others, H.L. Hixq 

Expressionist Jazz, on Coltrane and Ben Ratliff’s jazz writing, Ed Minus 

Updike’s Feminism. We’ll need a long time to take his measure, Peter Wolfe 

Where Have All the Parents Gone?, on the short fiction of Molly McNett, Catherine Browder 

Spiritual Conversations, on the new work by Mary Oliver, Toni M. Holland 

Notice of seven new titles by different authors, Robert Stewart 


Photographs by Martin Desht, James Bogan, James Proffitt, and John Howard