Vol. 74 no. 4

Summer 2008


Take This Seriously, Robert Stewart


Black Step, Daniel Woodrell 

In Africa, Edward Hoagland 

Mixed Breeding, Scott Solomon 

Honesty, Ellen Wilbur 

Yesterday, Ellen Wilbur 


Why I Write Now, Kelly Cherry 

Authority, Kelly Cherry 

How to Succeed in Po Biz, Kim Addonizio 


Flying With Father, Rawdon Tomlinson 
Two Poems, Rika Lesser 
Two Poems, Nancy White some other god, Michael Joyce 
Shelley at Lerici, Ann Snodgrass 
Thin Places, Patricia Clark 
Forward to The Inferno,  I-V, translated by Mary Jo Bang, Robert Stewart 

The Inferno of Dante Aligheieri, Cantos I-V, translated by Mary Jo Bang 
Nine Poems, Willis Barnstone 
Four Poems, Albert Goldbarth 
As Autumn Goes, Bill Ellison 
Two Poems, Leon Stokesbury 
Diary of a Sentence, Leslie Adrienne Miller


Writing Urban Renewals, an interview with Major Jackson, conducted by Robert Stewart 


Love, Violence & Masculinity, on the poetry of Benjamin Percy, Sharon McGill 

Loveliest Grotesque, on the poetry of Sandra Lim, Kristina Marie Darling 

A Little Light: Mary Jo Bang and the State of the Elegy, Hadara Bar-Nadav 


Photographs by Deanna Dikeman and Gloria Baker Feinstein

Ink drawings by Willis Barnstone