Vol. 72 nos. 3 & 4

Spring/Summer 2006


The Disinterested Search for Truth, Robert Stewart


Rumor’s Gift, Molly McNett 

All Who Die Share One Breath, W. Tsung-yan Kwong 

Adam’s Curse, Greg Downs 

A Cry of Ice, David Madden 

The Next Best Thing to Flying, Josh Weil 

Celebrations, Gary Gildner 

Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico, 1941, Alan Cheuse 

Taken, Charlotte Holmes 

Money Makes the Monkey Dance, Alicita Rodriguez 


Century Walker: The Tsunami Notebook, Margo Berdeshevsky 

Travels in Lavender and Light, Floyd Skloot 

Journal Making, Barry Targan 


Three Poems, Allison Eir Jenks 
Two Poems, Liliana Ursu 
Canoe, Jene Erick Beardsley 
Rope, Megan Grumbling 
Five Poems, Albert Goldbarth 

Participial Present, T. Alan Broughton 
Two Poems, Adrian C. Louis 
Four Poems, Mary Jo Salter 
Why I Believed, As a Child, That People Had Sex in Bathrooms, Cecilia Woloch 
For Love or Baseball, Lorin Cuoco 
Old Bird, Richard Newman 
Two Poems, Walter Bargen 
Two Poems, Anne Guzzardi 
Tristia V. X:15-20, translated by John Balaban, Ovid 
The Goodbyes, John Balaban 


Order & Disorder, an interview with Mary Jo Salter, conducted by Robert Stewart 


Into the Realm of What If, on the stories of Penelope Lively, Peter Wolfe 

When Love Divides, on the fiction of Nahid Rachlin, Catherine Browder 

A Fine Ride, on Bill Barich’s obsession with horses, romance & the Irish, James McKinley


Photographs by Margo Berdeshevsky, David Madden, and Ansel Adams
Mixed-media assemblage by Paula Streeter