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A Child's Christmas in Wales (December 20, 1991)

A Child's Christmas in Wales - Welsh actor Simon Harrald reads this Christmas classic by the poet D

Alegria I (April 5, 1991)

Claribel Alegria - The Nicaraguan-based poet and writer talks about her autobiographical novel LUISA

Baca (April 12, 1991)

Jimmy Santiago Baca - A Mexican-American, Baca taught himself to read and write while in prison for

Bly II (December 6, 1991)

Robert Bly - In this program, Bly discusses his best-selling book IRON JOHN. It also features Bly re

Brodsky (September 6, 1991)

Joseph Brodsky - Exiled from his native Soviet Union in 1972, Brodsky won the Nobel Prize for litera

Castedo (June 14, 1991)

novel PARADISE, which won the 1991 "Book of the Year\" award in her native Chile, where it topped be

Chin (March 19, 1993)

Frank Chin - The controversial Chinese-American author reads from his novel DONALD DUK and vehementl

Connell, Evan S. (May 17, 1991)

Evan S. Connell, Jr. - This program features a rare interview with the author of MR. BRIDGE, MRS. BR

Connell, Evan S.: Save America's Treasures Selection (January 18, 2013)

y 10, 2013, we bring you this 1991 interview by former New Letters on the Air host, Rebekah Presson.

Cooper, J. California (February 15, 1991)

J. California Cooper - The playwright and fiction writer J. California Cooper reads from Family

Digges (February 14, 1992)

Deborah Digges - Digges discusses FUGITIVE SPRING, her prose memoir of life in a mid-20th century Mi

Edwards (September 20, 1991)

Louis Edwards - While still in his 20s, Edwards made an impressive debut with his first novel, TEN S

Ehrlich (November 15, 1991)

Gretel Ehrlich - In her much-anticipated second book, ISLANDS, THE UNIVERSE, HOME; the author of THE

Geha (March 1, 1991)

Joseph Geha - Geha's first book THROUGH AND THROUGH: TOLEDO STORIES portrays life in an Arab-Christi

Gerstler (December 27, 1991)

Amy Gerstler - Los Angeles poet Amy Gerstler won the National Book Critics Circle Award for her 1990

Gibbons K (June 21, 1991)

Kaye Gibbons - Gibbons was an orphan at age 11, an experience she wrote about in ELLEN FOSTER, her h

Gilchrist (May 24, 1991)

Ellen Gilchrist - One of the most popular Southern women writers, Ellen Gilchrist regaled National P

Glass (March 29, 1991)

Malcolm Glass - Glass is the author of two books of poems and a text on writing poetry. Here he rea

Harjo, Joy (June 25, 1993)

Joy Harjo - Native American poet Joy Harjo won both the William Carlos Williams prize of the Poetry

Joy Harjo: Save America's Treasures Selection (July 3, 2020)

f America. In excerpts from a 1991 interview by former New Letters on the Air host, Rebekah Presson,

Heat-Moon (November 8, 1991)

William Least Heat-Moon - The author of the popular BLUE HIGHWAYS, Heat-Moon discusses his book PRAI

Hijuelos (November 3, 1992)

Oscar Hijuelos - The Cuban-American's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, THE MAMBO KINGS PLAY SONGS OF LO

Hirsch, Edward (March 8, 1991)

Edward Hirsch - Edward Hirsch won the National Book Critics Circle Award for his second book of poem

Hoffmann I (May 31, 1991)

Roald Hoffmann - Hoffmann is a Nobel Laureate in chemistry. Although he still practices and teaches

Holm (January 25, 1991)

Bill Holm - In a book of essays, COMING HOME CRAZY, Holm talks about his love for China, with readin

Ignatow II (November 22, 1991)

David Ignatow - Ignatow reads poems about dying from SHADOWING THE GROUND and talks about moving awa

Jeffrey (October 11, 1991)

Julie Roy Jeffrey - Jeffrey is a historian whose work includes CONVERTING TO THE WEST: A BIOGRAPHY O

Jones (March 15, 1991)

Louis B. Jones - Jones' first novel, ORDINARY MONEY, is, according to Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, "an

Jordan (February 5, 1993)

June Jordan - The outspoken poet and black activist talks about using poetry "to save lives.\" She

Kherdian (January 11, 1991)

David Kherdian - Kherdian is a proponent of the confessional mode of poetry. He learns about himsel

Kinnell II (November 1, 1991)

Galway Kinnell - Kinnell reads poetry and discussed the debate between formal and freeverse poets. K

Lopate (November 29, 1991)

Philip Lopate - Lopate writes poems and novels, but is best known for his personal essays. In his b

McMillan, Terry (February 19, 1996)

Terry McMillan - The author of the novels Mama, Disappearing Acts, and Waiting to Exhale, Terry

McPherson, James Alan (February 22, 1991)

James Alan McPherson - Essayist and fiction writer James Alan McPherson was the first African-Americ

Morris M II (March 25, 1991)

Mary McGarry Morris - A social worker and the mother of five children, Morris worked on her first no

O'Brien D (September 27, 1991)

Dan O'Brien - In his novel IN THE CENTER OF THE NATION, O'Brien presents an ecological tale of a fig

Rachlin (March 27, 1992)

Nahid Rachlin - Rachlin's 1978 novel, FOREIGNER, was on THE NEW YORK TIMES' yearly list of 10 best b

Ramirez (April 26, 1991)

Sergio Ramirez - Considered by many to be Nicaragua's premier prose writer, Ramirez was also vice pr

Saenz (March 26, 1993)

Benjamin Saenz - The Chicano writer and former Catholic priest reads from his book of poems CALENDER

Sale (October 2, 1992)


Savage (May 10, 1991)

Georgia Savage - THE HOUSE TIBET, is Savage's first novel to be published in the United States. In

Schwartz (October 25, 1991)

Howard Schwartz - A collector of Jewish tales of the supernatural, Schwartz explains the origin of t

Silkin (October 18, 1991)

Jon Silkin - This English poet is also one of the foremost experts on literature about World War I.

Silko (December 13, 1991)

Leslie Marmon Silko - A MacArthur grant recipient, Silko reads from THE ALMANAC OF THE DEAD, her lon

Smiley, Jane (June 5, 1992)

Jane Smiley - Jane Smiley, author of the acclaimed The Age of Grief, reads from her book of novellas

Soto II (January 10, 1992)

Gary Soto - Soto writes about his childhood among the migrant farm workers of California's San Joaqu

Tafolla (April 19, 1991)

Carmen Tafolla - Tafolla reads from her persona poems, which present various characters from the bar

Van Duyn II (October 4, 1991)

Mona Van Duyn - Here she reads from her Pulitzer Prize-winning volume, NEAR CHANGES, and comments on

Vinner (June 7, 1991)

Shlomo Vinner - This Israeli poet talks about his disillusionment with his hometown and reads poems

Wideman, John Edgar (August 7, 1992)

John Edgar Wideman - John Edgar Wideman reads and discusses his searing novel Philadelphia Fire, whi

Yamashita (February 28, 1992)

Karen Yamashita - Yamashita reads from her first novel, THROUGH THE ARC OF THE RAIN FOREST, a futuri

Yevtushenko (May 3, 1991)

Yevgeny Yevtushenko - The Russian poet and member of the former Soviet parliament reads from his COL

J. California Cooper: Past American Voice (February 13, 2015)

tion by Alice Walker. In this 1991 archive recording, she reads from her debut novel, Family, a

James Alan McPherson: Past American Voice (February 23, 2018)

zer Prize in Fiction. In this 1991 archive interview with Rebekah Presson, he talks about his life a

Grace Paley: Past American Voice (October 5, 2007)

ms with Grace Paley from 1991 and 1994 as well as a 1998 holiday program are availabl

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