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Ashbery, John (September 26, 1986)

John Ashbery - John Ashbery, one of America's most acclaimed poets, reads from his Selected Poems in

Auel (January 23, 1987)

Jean Auel - The author of a popular trilogy of novels set in pre-history, THE CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR,

Banks, Russell (November 28, 1986)

Russell Banks - Russell Banks, author of Continental Drift, reads "The Gully" from his book Success

Berger (July 18, 1986)

Thomas Berger - Berger, author of LITTLE BIG MAN and NEIGHBORS, reads a story and talks about writin

Bogan (February 28, 1986)

James Bogan - Bogan, poet and folk humorist of the Missouri Ozarks, reads litanies and lists in Whit

Brown D (October 24, 1986)

Dee Brown - Brown, author of BURY MY HEART AT WOUNDED KNEE, reads and talks about his research and w

Ciardi III (May 2, 1986)

John Ciardi - This memorial to Ciardi, author of more than 35 books and long-time poetry editor of T

Cooper J (November 14, 1986)

Jane Cooper - Cooper reads from her prize-winning book SCAFFOLDING: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS and from

Day II (January 9, 1987)

Robert Day - Day reads from an essay about attempting to make his novel THE LAST CATTLE DRIVE into a

Deagon (July 11, 1986)

Ann Deagon - Deagon is a professor of classics and author of several books of fiction and poetry. He

Dobyns (April 18, 1986)

Stephen Dobyns - Poet, novelist, and screenwriter Stephen Dobyns reads poems from his collection CEM

Du Plessis (January 17, 1986)

Nancy Du Plessis - Du Plessis presents a performance piece from her NOTES FROM THE MOROCCAN JOURNALS

Gerber I (January 3, 1986)

Dan Gerber - Gerber reads poems from his book SNOW ON THE BACKS OF ANIMALS.

Gibbons R (July 25, 1986)

Reginald Gibbons - Gibbons, former editor of TriQuarterly, reads poems from his books The RUINED MOT

Gregor (February 7, 1986)

Arthur Gregor - Gregor, often ranked with the European symbolist poets, reads from EMBODIMENT AND OT

Haskins & Rogers (April 11, 1986)

Lola Haskins - Florida poet Lola Haskins reads from CASTINGS. Texas poet Pattiann Rogers reads poems

Haskins & Rogers A (April 11, 1986)

Pattiann Rogers - Florida poet Lola Haskins reads from CASTINGS. Texas poet Pattiann Rogers reads po

Heller (May 29, 1987)

Steve Heller - An O. Henry Award-winning fiction writer, Heller reads "The Railroad Feast," a short

Inez (February 21, 1986)

Colette Inez - Inez, author of THE WOMAN WHO LOVED WORMS and EIGHT MINUTES FROM THE SUN, reads poems

Kauffman (March 21, 1986)

Janet Kauffman - Kauffman, an award-winning fiction writer, reads poems from THE WEATHER BOOK and ta

Kinsella (May 16, 1986)

W.P. Kinsella - Kinsella, author of SHOELESS JOE, reads from THE IOWA BASEBALL CONFEDERACY and talks

Knight, Etheridge (October 3, 1986)

Etheridge Knight - Knight began writing poetry in the 1960s when he was incarcerated at Indiana Stat

Levine, Philip (July 24, 1987)

Philip Levine - In this program, Philip Levine, a National Book Award winner in poetry for his book

McGrath II (June 20, 1986)

as McGrath was honored at the 1986 Associated Writing Programs conference. Readings are by the autho

Minty (April 25, 1986)

Judith Minty - Feminist poet Judith Minty refers to the bear as her "totem" because it appears frequ

Karlen (January 24, 1986)

Arno Karlen - Karlen, a New York writer, reads dramatic poems about historical and literary figures,

Nims (May 9, 1986)

John Frederick Nims - Nims, the distinguished Chicago poet, translator, and critic, reads poems and

Reiss (March 7, 1986)

James Reiss - Two-time first-prize winner from the Academy of American Poets, Reiss reads poems from

Root (October 31, 1986)

William Pitt Root - William Pitt Root reads poems from two of his books: FAULTDANCING and REASONS FO

Schultz (December 12, 1986)

John Schultz - Schultz is a Chicago autho who wrote THE TONGUES OF MEN. He reads a story set during

Segal (October 10, 1986)

Lore Segal - Segal, an Austrian-born novelist, reads from HER FIRST AMERICAN and talks about her wor

Sobin (March 28, 1986)

Anthony Sobin - Sobin reads from THE SUNDAY NATURALIST, which contains poems about the visual arts a

Swan (June 6, 1986)

Gladys Swan - Author of ON THE EDGE OF THE DESERT, Swan reads "Flight," a short story.

Taylor R (September 19, 1986)

Robert Taylor Jr. - Robert Taylor Jr. plays the fiddle and reads from his "unusual" novel FIDDLE AND

Whitman (December 5, 1986)

Ruth Whitman - Whitman reads poems about women in history from her books TAMSEN DONNER: A WOMAN'S JO

Witt (October 17, 1986)

Harold Witt - Witt, the author of over 10 books, reads poems from WINESBURG BY THE SEA and other wor

Young, Al (November 7, 1986)

Al Young - Poet, novelist, and nonfiction writer Al Young reads the story "Green Onions, Booker T. a

Zimmer (January 2, 1987)

Paul Zimmer - Zimmer is the former director of the University of Iowa Press and author of eleven poe

Knight, Etheridge: Save America's Treasures Selection (February 15, 2013)

gram features excerpts from a 1986 poetry reading and a 1989 interview by Rebekah Presson, when they

John Ashbery: Past American Voice (September 8, 2017)

nguage Poets. In this archive 1986 program, he reads from his Selected Poems with selections ra

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