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Ammons (February 24, 1984)

A.R. Ammons - Ammons, recipient of many poetry prizes, reads from LAKE EFFECT COUNTRY and A COAST OF

Barnes & Struthers (April 14, 1989)

Ann Struthers - Jim Barnes and Ann Struthers, two Midwest poets published in NEW LETTERS, read from

Barnes & Struthers A (April 14, 1989)

Jim Barnes - Jim Barnes and Ann Struthers read from their poetry. Poet and fiction writer Ann Struth

Bradley (March 9, 1984)

David Bradley - Bradley reads three excerpts from THE CHANEYSVILLE INCIDENT, his PEN/Faulkner Award-

Brooks, Gwendolyn (April 20, 1984)

Gwendolyn Brooks - While at a live reading at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Gwendolyn Broo

Brooks, Gwendolyn (February 8, 2019)

compilation made from a 1984 program and parts 1 and 2 of a 1988 interview, Brooks r

Burroway, Janet (November 23, 1984)

Janet Burroway - Florida poet and fiction writer Janet Burroway reads from "Winn Dixie," printed in

Burroway, Janet (September 23, 1985)

Janet Burroway - Now the author of seven novels, and numerous collections of essays as well as liter

Cavalieri (March 2, 1984)

Grace Cavalieri - Cavalieri reads poems from several of her books, including BODY FLUIDS, CREATURE C

Christensen (October 19, 1984)

Paul Christensen - Christensen, a Texan, reads from THE VECTORY and SIGNS OF THE WHELMING, two of hi

Ciardi II (May 18, 1984)

John Ciardi - Ciardi reads several poems from THE BIRDS OF POMPEII and talks with NEW LETTERS ON THE

Day I (April 13, 1984)

Robert Day - This program is a dramatization of Day's story "Speaking French in Kansas."

Eberhart (January 4, 1985)

Richard Eberhart - Eberhart, a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, reads from FLORIDA POEMS and talks about

Finkel & Urdang (January 11, 1984)

Donald Finkel - Poet Donald Finkel reads from WHAT MANNER OF BEAST and from THE DETACHABLE MAN. His

Finkel & Urdang A (January 11, 1984)

Constance Urdang - Poet Donald Finkel reads from WHAT MANNER OF BEAST and from THE DETACHABLE MAN. H

Freely (June 15, 1984)

Maureen Freely - Freely reads the first chapter of her novel THE LIFE OF THE PARTY, the story of a g

Hathaway (April 6, 1984)

William Hathaway - Hathaway, a poet from upstate New York, reads from THE GYMNAST OF INERTIA.

Madden III (November 2, 1984)

David Madden - Madden reads "In the Bag," a short story.

McHugh (May 11, 1984)

Heather McHugh - The winner of the Houghton Mifflin New Poetry Series Award for her books of poetry

Meinke (December 14, 1984)

Peter Meinke - Meinke gives a public reading of his story "A Decent Life," set in the "not-so-distan

Older, Julia (March 8, 1985)

Julia Older - Julia Older reads poems from Hermaphroditus in America and Oonts and Others; she

Pollack & Simak (May 25, 1984)

Felix Pollack - Pollack is a Wisconsin poet whose work is strongly influenced by his life in Vienna,

Pollack & Simak A (May 25, 1984)

Cilfford D. Simak - Pollack is a Wisconsin poet whose work is strongly influenced by his early exper

Ragan (October 18, 1985)

James Ragan - Poet-playwright Ragan reads from a variety of his works, including his first book of p

Ray D 5 (January 30, 1984)

David Ray - Ray reads from "Images of India," poems inspired by his year-long stay in India, and a s

Salisbury, Ralph (June 8, 1984)

Ralph Salisbury - Raph Salisbury talks about his Native American heritage, and reads poems from Goin

Scheerer (December 7, 1984)

Constance Scheerer - Scheerer, a Kansas poet, reads from her book WRITING IN WINTER, written in her

Schevill (June 1, 1984)

James Schevill - Schevill, who writes poetry, fiction, and plays, reads from THE AMERICAN FANTASIES:

Schulman (July 13, 1984)

Grace Schulman - Schulman reads poems from her books BURN DOWN THE ICONS and HEMISPHERES.

Stafford, William (February 8, 1985)

William Stafford - Winner of the National Book Award, William Stafford is the author of many books o

Stern G I (November 9, 1984)

Gerald Stern - Gerald Stern was in his late 40s when he published his first book; in 1991 he was nam

Stryk (June 22, 1984)

Lucien Stryk - Stryk is a poet who does not consider his work a part of any particular school of poe

Sward (March 15, 1985)


Terry (May 4, 1984)

Megan Terry - Together with actors, Obie-winning playwright Megan Terry reads excerpts from COUPLING

Van Duyn I (March 30, 1984)

Mona Van Duyn - Mona Van Duyn, a National Book Award winner and former professor at Washington Unive

Wakoski, Diane (February 10, 1984)

Diane Wakoski - In this live reading for the Midwest Poets Series, the widely published poet Diane W

Waterman (October 12, 1984)

Cary Waterman - Waterman, a Minnesota poet, reads from THE SALAMANDER MIGRATION.

Wolff D (April 27, 1984)

Daniel Wolff - New York poet Wolff reads a series of poems printed as NEWS OF THE STREET and posted

Ciardi, John: Save America's Treasures Selection (May 24, 2013)

and poems for children, and a 1984 interview with then New Letters editor, David Ray. &nbs

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