Laura Kasischke (2006)

Fiction, Poetry

Interviewed by: Angela Elam

Catalog Number(s): 20060531

Interview Year(s): 2006

This young writer’s poetry and fiction “scratches the surface of daily life,” balancing the ordinary with lurid worlds of violence and death.  The author of six poetry collections and three novels, Laura Kasischke’s collection, Dance and Disappear, won the 2001 Juniper Prize.  She talks about her writing and reads from her 2004 collection Gardening in the Dark, and Housekeeping in a Dream, as well as from her novel, The Life Before Her Eyes. While the 2019 Cockefair Chair Writer-in-Residence at UMKC, we have two programs with Laura Kasischke talking about her poetry and her fiction that are also available in our audio archive.