Vol. 86 nos. 1 & 2

Fall/Winter 2019-2020


That’s It, Robert Stewart


Two excerpts from a novel: Lady Lazarus, Cambridge, England, 1956 & Transit: District of Columbia—Columbia, Mo. 1964, Janet Burroway

Captain Elvis, Michael Henson

Jessica touches my guts, winner, the Robert Day Award for Fiction, Angie Sijun Lou

Primates, winner, the New Letters Publication Award, Donna Gordon


Break Down Easy, winner, the Conger Beasley Jr. Award for the Essay, Terrance Manning Jr.


Three Poems, Trish Reeves
Three Poems, Gerald Stern
Okra, Peter Balakian
Three Poems, Albert Goldbarth
Contagion, William Trowbridge
Two Poems, George Kalamaras
Two Poems, Karen Kovacik
Too Bad, Carl Dennis
Imuta, translated by Marilyn Hacker, Marie Etienne

Two Poems, Richard Jones
Indianity, Diane Glancy
Two Poems, Emily Ransdell
Two Poems, winner, the Patricia Cleary Miller Award for Poetry, Brianna Flavin
Thresholds, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg
Ode to an Urn, John Moessner


“Poetry in Peace & Action,” on the poetry of John Balaban, H.C. Palmer

“Women in Dangerous Waters,” on poems by Sandra Yannone, Deborah Bacharach

“A Low-Water Bridge in High Water,” on two books of poems by Al Ortolani, Denise Low

“Ruthless Empathy,” on the poems of Daniel Lawless, Marilyn McCabe

“To Own the World,” on the fiction of K.L. Cook, Allison Field Bell

 “Voices from the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire,” on poems by Deborah Woodward, AnnaLee Barclay


Photographs by Rebecca Ofeish, Gloria Baker Feinstein & Eli Reichman

Paintings by Carol Zastoupil