Vol. 84 nos. 2 & 3

Winter/Spring 2018


Trust, Robert Stewart


Pasture, Stubble, Shoulder of the Highway, Kathryn Schwille 

By the Dawn’s Early Light, Gary Gildner 

Thomas, winner, the New Letters fiction award, Robert Oldshue


Journey’s We’re On, Gary Gildner 

In the Absence of Obligation, winner, the New Letters essay award, E.D. Galbraith 

Wind Dancers, a New Letters reprisal, Conger Beasley Jr.


Come Moths, Fleda Brown 
L’Isola, Brian Swann 
Two Poems, Daniel Lusk 
On days I don’t think I’ll die of grief, Carrie Shipers 
Good Dead Person, Michael Waters 
Now we are all sons of bitches, Bonnie Naradzay
Tide, H.C. Palmer 
The Resurrectionist’s Diary, winner, the New Letters poetry award, Myrna Stone  

Switching on the Light, Richard Lloyd 
The Cops, Shane Seely 
After Vandalism, Sealth’s Grave, Gary Thompson 
Rat Language, Roald Hoffmann 
Moon, William Trowbridge


Introduction to Michelle Boisseau, Staff 

A Bigger Hall to Sing in, conducted by Angela Elam, Michelle Boisseau 

Introduction to H.C. Palmer, Staff 

A Place to Stand, conducted by James E. Cherry, H.C. Palmer


“An Insufficient Literary History of Greg Field,” on his poetry, Robert Stewart 

“Where Does the Truth Lie?” on the stories of Jacob M. Appel, R.M. Kinder 

“Jackalope Walks into a Bar,” on the mythopoesis of Denise Low, Carolyne Wright


Archival Pigment Prints by Gloria Baker Feinstein