Vol. 84 no. 4

Summer 2018


Statement, Robert Stewart


Hridi’s Dilemma, J. Malcolm Garcia 

The Lady on the Tiger, Ruthvika Rao 

Daughters of Zion, Castle Freeman Jr.


See How We Run, at the Sacred Heart Home, Martin Desht 

A Glorious Obsession, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Mitch Brian


Two Poems, Pui Ying Wong 
Might Our Child, Christian Barter 
Song of Ira, Cynthia White 
Two Poems, Alberto Rios 
Two Poems, Carl Dennis 
Four Poems, Henry Taylor 
Elegy for Michelle Boisseau Beginning with One of Her Last Lines, Aliki Barnstone 
Say of Me, Michael Chitwood 

Poem Ending with Lines from A Charlie Brown Christmas, Kathleen Flenniken Between Names, Lola Haskins 
Miss Simone Goddam, Nathan Kotecki 
Four Poems, Albert Goldbarth 
Last Translation, Christopher Buckley 
Three Poems, in the Italian with English translation by Julia Older, Salvatore Quasimodo


Introduction to Jericho Brown, Staff

Faith in the Line, conducted by Angela Elam, Jericho Brown


“What Shudders & Shakes,” on the poems of Michelle Menting, Alarie Tennille 

“Earth Day for Elmer Fudd,” on the poetry of Joseph Harrington, Denise Low


Photographs by Eli Reichman