Vol. 84 no. 1

Fall 2017


Resolute, Robert Stewart


Afternoon with Michelle, Lisa Dawes Stewart 

Between Sin and Sin: Border Crossings, Peter Chilson 

Shrink, Sheila Kohler 

The Mind, Kathrin Perutz 

The Debt I Owe to Tony Beasley, Patrick Dobson


Gigantic Day, Michelle Boisseau 
A Gifted Woman, Thomas Stroik 
There will be no hospice, Max McBride 
Three Poems, Kelly Cherry 
Two Poems, H.C. Palmer 
Four Poems, Albert Goldbarth 
After, Hilma Wolitzer 
Two Poems, Cameron Morse 
Two Poems, James Ragan
Two Poems, James Bargowski
Three Poems, from The Mackinac Suite, with art by Stanley Bielecky, James Bogan 
The Skeptic Said, “All People Are Bad”, Gary Soto 
Two Poems, Charles Harper Webb 
The Hermit Speaks to His Dogs, Daniel Lusk

Two Poems, Carl Dennis 
Walking All Night with Borges in Buenos Aires, a poem, Willis Barnstone 
Five Poems, Willis Barnstone


“A New & Timeless Sappho,” on the new translation by Stanley Lombardo, Denise Low 

“New England Alchemy,” on poems by Megan Grumbling, Kevin O’Connor 

“Do What a Poem Does,” on a single poem by Greg Pape, Robert Stewart


Paula Streeter: The Art of Empty Dresses, Robert Stewart 

Empty Dresses: An Introduction to the Art, Paula Streeter 

Willis Barnstone, a celebration at 90, Robert Stewart 

Willis Barnstone: Bibliography of contributions to New Letters (1973-2017), New Letters’ Staff 

America the Beautiful: An Introduction to the Art, Garry Noland


Photograph by Lisa Stewart & Sarah Handler
Multi-media artwork by Garry Noland & Paula Streeter