Vol. 83 no. 1

Fall 2016


A Possible Development, Robert Stewart


Blue Guitar, Kim Addonizio 

Around the Corner, Janet Burroway 

Hitting the Road, Jack, Dennis Finnell 

Improvisations: John Coltrane, Richard Terrill 

The Consolation of Jazz, or My Life with Women, Thomas E. Kennedy


Big Band of 50 Ringing Cell Phones, Pulse Nightclub, Dennis Finnell 
Medicinal, Karin L. Frank 
from The Last Bohemian of Avenue A, Yusef Komunyakaa 
Two Poems, Greg Field 
Four Poems, Peter Everwine 
Misterioso, Michael Waters 
Physical Geography as Modified by Human Action, Major Jackson 
Four Poems, Mark Jarman 

Three Poems, Linda Pastan 
Etta’s Body Double, Phyllis Becker 
Four Poems, Alice Friman 
Something Else They Say, Mbembe Milton Smith 
Two Poems, Paul Zimmer 
Two Poems, Elizabeth Goldring Piene 
Four Poems, Bonnie Bolling 
To Failure, Michael S. Collins 
Emily as I Held Her Body Barely, Darren C. Demaree 
Power, Carl Dennis 
Still Consequences, Dan Jaffe 
Sunday in New York City 1965, James McKinley 


In the Moment, conducted by Christopher Buckley & Jon Veinberg, Peter Everwine


The Leavenworth Event, response and historical update, Susan Rieke


Paintings by Janet Kummerlein
Photographs by Steve Paul