Vol. 81 no. 1

Fall 2014


Making What Matters, Robert Stewart


Where I Was Before, Robert Day

Wind and Rain, Kathryn Schwille


Peace Found in peace, six introductory essays to art in The Books of Common Prayer, Margaret Brommelsiek

Two Writers’ Beginnings, Thomas Fox Averill & Thomas E. Kennedy, Staff

Thirteen Weeks at Mount Hope, writing lessons from the cemetery, Thomas Fox Averill

Hitting the Wall of My Ignorance, from a close reading of Barth’s The Floating Opera, Thomas E. Kennedy


Lament, Debra Marquart
Four Poems, Aliki Barnstone
Runoff, Joseph Bathanti
Hail and Farewell, April 2014, Abby E. Murray
Falter, Marjorie Stelmach
Message-Board Poem, Lauren Helmstetter

Five Poems, Albert Goldbarth
Three Poems, a reprise, introduced by Tricia Schaefer, Ted Schaefer
Full Moon Over Long Island Bay, John Kinsella
The Bill Collector at Sunrise, Jon Veinberg
Philip Marlowe, 2012, Erik Campbell
Subjective, Charles Harper Webb


“Black and Blue: A Book Review-Interview,” on the prose of Thomas E. Kennedy, Bill Mesce, Jr. 

“Thought Through Poetry,” on the poetry of B.H. Fairchild, Robert Stewart 

“Subverting Norms,” on the short stories of Jessica Hollander, Greyson Honaker 

“Our Foolish, Beastly Hearts,” on the poetry of William Trowbridge, Shanan Ballam


Fountain pen drawings by Aliki Barnstone
Hand-pieced collage, digitally scanned for archival printing artwork by Margaret Bromelsiek