Vol. 80 nos. 3 & 4

Spring & Summer 2014


How and Why, Robert Stewart


How to Live in the Midwest, Katherine Karlin

Scars, Jim Barnes


The Republic of Texas, David McDannald 

Animal Rescue Afighanistan, J. Malcolm Garcia 

Bomb, Daniel Lusk 

Peace and War, Edward Hoagland 

Just Call Me Lucky, Cay Antoinette Bahnmiller: An Aesthetic Scavenger in Detroit, Beth Aviv 

Through a Glass Darkly, Sheila Kohler 

How James Joyce Changed My Life, Thomas E. Kennedy


Refrigerator, Fleda Brown 
Omens, Danusha Lameris 
Three Poems, Ted Kooser 
Thinking of Our Shame at the Gas Pump, Major Jackson 
Rabbit or Duck, George Gurley 
Five Notes From War, H.C. Palmer 
Letter to Jackson: Water Garden, Zoe Barnstone-Clark 
Firenze Pietà, Mark Irwin 

Three Poems, Gerals Stern 
Two Poems, William Trowbridge 
Meanwhile You While He, Wyatt Townley


Introduction to Dennis Finnell,

Angular Honesty, conducted by Robert Stewart, Dennis Finnell


“The News From Iceland,” on the short stories of Ólafur Gunnarsson., Catherine Browder 

“Uncle Danny Returns to America,” a review of Dan Turell poems on CD read by Thomas E. Kennedy, Robert Stewart 

“No End of Names,” on the poetry of Willis Barnstone, David Lee Garrison 

“Context with a Twist,” on the poetry of Jeff Friedman, Walter Bargen 

“Comparisons to James Joyce,” on the prose of Jacob M. Appel, Anika Gupta 

“A Still Point in the Shifting World,” on the poetry of Donald Levering, Kirsten Bosnak


Artwork by Janet Kummerlein & Cay Bahnmiller
Photographs by Judy Ray