Vol. 79 nos. 3 & 4

Spring/Summer 2013


Obligation to Endure, Robert Stewart


Ten Seconds in Two Lives, Alberto Alvaro Rios

Fugitive Spaces, Noor Hashem

Slugger and the Fat Man, Douglas Trevor


Keeping Dogs, Micah Dean Hicks 

My White House Days, Thomas E. Kennedy 

Peggy Noand: Introduction to the Art, Elisabeth Kirsch 

Rabid, Linda Hasselstrom 

Linda M. Hasselstrom: Buffalo Grass and Graves, Ruby R. Wilson 

I Can’t Stop Thinking Through What Other People Are Thinking, David Shields 

Wind Dancers, Conger Beasley Jr. 

Roth’s Complaint, Walter Cummins


Into It, Rebecca Baggett 
A Piece of My Mother, Sabina Grogan 
Four Poems, Stephen Dobyns 

Two Poems, Kathleen Hellen
Three Poems, David Clewell
Five Choruses for George Salisbury, Jazz Musician, Dan Jaffe 
My Father’s Quiet Friends in Prison, 1958-1962, Claudia Serea 
After the Ball, Joseph Bruchac 
Two Poems, translated by Michael Thomas Taren and the author, Tomaz Salamun


“To Live Like a Warrior,” on fiction by Mo Yan, Peter Tieryas Liu 

“Jazz Through the Screen Door,” on the life of Ahmad Alaadeen, Dan Jaffe 

“How to Kill a Wolf,” on the poems of dg nanouk okpik, Denise Low 

“Spycraft Today,” observations of John le Carré, Peter Wolfe 

“It Ain’t Heat, It’s Language,” on new poems by Elton Glaser, Robert Stewart


Artwork by Peggy Noland and Garry Noland