Vol. 78 no. 2

Winter 2012


Editor’s Note, Robert Stewart


We Grow Accustomed to Our Troubles, Sophie Rosenblum

Schooling, Dana Fitz Gale

Dr. Paracelsus and the Drifter, Willis Barnstone


City of the Dead, J. Malcolm Garcia

Toward Oceans 101, Sara Flood

The Freuds, the Tiffanys & Me, Lynn Burlingham


Two Poems, Jeanne Marie Beaumont 
Visiting the Ruins, Alice Friman 
The Reckoning, Martina Evans 
Four Poems, Doris Ferleger 
Two Poems, Gail Hanlon 
The Seasons of Language Revolt, Dan Jaffe 
Three Poems, Linda Pastan 
Three Poems, Stephen DunnTime Travel, Christopher Buckley 
thinking back these eighty-eight years, Peter Cooley


The Freedom to Act, an interview with Harry Crews, conducted by Rodney Elrod


Salinger in His Time & Ours, on the biography by Kenneth Slawenski, Conger Beasley, Jr.

Fragments in the Bed:Review of Walk Me to Schenectady by Diana O’Hehir and Heavenly Questions by Gjertrud Schnackenberg, Robert Stewart

Like Newcomers Everywhere, Review of When We Were Strangers by Pameal Schoenwaldt, Catherine Browder

The Moment Stands Still: Poetry from Brick Books, Kristina Marie Darling

Jammed-Up Individuals, Review of Word Comix by Charlie Smith, Robert Stewart


Photographs by Thomas Zvi Wilson, J. Malcolm Garcia & Robert W. Butler