Vol. 77 no. 1

Fall 2010-2011


Fast Times, Slow Art, Robert Stewart


Tamarinds, Abby Frucht 

The Country Wife, Jia Pingwa 


Eternal 48 Hours, Raad Abdul-Aziz 

Trail of a Kiss, Cynthia Lewis 

Introduction: Verses in Cigarillo Tins, Thomas E. Kennedy 

In the Shadow of the Longleaf Pines, Aileen Kilgore Henderson 


The Blue Flash, Patricia Corbus 
2 Poems, Siobhan Scarry 
5 Poems, Thomas E. Kennedy 
Taken Unawares, Eugene Dubnov, translated by X.J. Kennedy 

Variation on a Theme, Eugene Dubnov, translated by W. D. Snodgrass 
After Hearing the Grand Canyon Suite, David Ray 
2 Poems, Howard Schwartz 


Reprise: A Prose Masterpiece, on the novel Hardcastle by John Yount, William Harrison 

Reading New Poetry–And Getting It, on commentaries by Stephen Burt, Richard Carr 

Essays on Everything, on a new book by Patrick Madden, Joey Franklin


Photographs by Roi J. Tamkin & Tim Hauf

Art books with poems by Thomas E. Kennedy & Iben Andersen

Ink and pigment on paper artworks by Perigrine Honig

Gouache on paper artwork by Erica M. Kriss