Vol. 76 no. 4

Summer 2010


Grounded, Robert Stewart


Confession, Mariko Nagai 

King of the Losers, Brian Doyle 

Rockaway, Lydia Conklin 


Logophilia, B.H. Fairchild 

Introduction to the Poetry of Eugenia Toledo,Tracing and Translating the Map, Carolyne Wright 

Art of Intervention, the Art of Fabian Debora & Juan Carlos Munoz Hernandez, Annie Fischer 

Threads, Conger Beasley, Jr. 


From the Landscape, a Superimposition, Ray Young Bear 
3 Poems, Albert Goldbarth 
Desert, translated by Carolyne Wright, Eugenia Toledo 
3 Poems, translated by Carolyne Wright, Eugenia Toledo 

My 90-Year-Old Father and My Husband Discuss Their Trips to the Moon, Gloria Vando 
Two Poems, William Trowbridge 
Introduction to the Poem About Feeling Foolish in Front of Yehuda Amichai, Robin Hemley 
Two Poems, Faisal Siddiqui 
Two Poems, William Kloefkorn 
The Hummingbird, Katie Manning 
Holy, Eric Torgersen 
Two Poems, Walter Bargen 


A Magical Dystopia, on the fiction of Gina Ochsner, Catherine Browder 

The Virtuosity of the Body, on the poetry of Nicky Beer, Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum 

New Hampshire Does it Again, on the poetry of Charles W. Pratt, Robert Stewart 


Photograph, Lisa D. Stewart & Tim Hauf
Sculpture, Juan Carlos Munoz Hernandez
Paintings, Fabian Debora