Vol. 76 no. 3

Spring 2010


Out in the World, Robert Stewart


The Greatest Show, Michael Downs 

After Office, G. C. Young 

Where I am Now, Robert Day 


Introduction to Banana-Fiber Dolls Work for Art and Orphans, 

Juventutem Mean, Gary Gildner 


The Bus of God, Maureen Seaton 
Cooking with Medicine, Chad McCracken 
The All-Dressed-Up-and-Going-Nowhere Ghosts, David Clewell 
Kenmore Hotel, 1965, Andrea Hollander Budy 
The Coffee Klatsch, Susan Grigsby 
Two Poems, Daniel Lusk 
Six Poems, Norman Lock 
Working the Links, Alice Friman 
Advice, Gary Soto 
Two Poems, Brian Swann
The Death, Mark Irwin 

To a Placenta, Lately Attached to My Newborn Daughter, Lance Larsen 


Cuba in Waiting, on the photographs of Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, Conger Beasley Jr. 

New Model for Surrealism, on the poetry of Mathias Svalina, Phil Estes 

Baby’s First Words, on the poetry of Dora Malech, Danielle Sellers 

Something Good in the State of Denmark, on the fiction of Thomas E. Kennedy, Thomas McCarthy 

Pleasantness and Pretense, on the poetry of Tara Bray, Katie Manning 


Photographs by Roger Pfingston

Banana-fiber doll sculptures by Gloria Baker Feinstein, Shea Gordon, Caroline Shteamer, Lou Marak, Charmalee Gunaratne, Stephanie Leedy, Philomene Bennett, Linda Lighton, Janet Kummerlein, Amy Meya, Fiona Gowin, Peregrine Honig &  Tom Corbin

Watercolor, Kathryn Jankus Day