Vol. 75 no. 4

Summer 2009


Emphatically, Yes, Robert Stewart


Talking Points for Lot, Lisa K. Buchanan 

The Garrs, Patricia Lawson 

The Capital of Kansas City, Gary Gildner 

Sphere, Christina Yu 

First-Called Quits, Michael Garriga 


The Trembling Image is Your Art, an essay/review of Jill Bialosky and poetry in our time, Willis Barnstone 

Double Vision, D.L. Tucker 

The Scott Family, introductory note and photograph, New Letters 

Great Scott, Whatever Happened to Winfield?, Charles Behlen 

Credo, Winfield Townley Scott 


Diaspo/Renga, A Colobration in Alternating Renga, Marilyn Hacker 
House of Light, a sequence, Willis Barnstone 

Annie’s Starling, John Balaban 
Five Poems, Winfield Townley Scott 
They May Not Mean to, but They Do, Steven Kronen 
Three Poems, William Trowbridge 
Backyard Burial, Lindsey Martin-Bowen 
Two Poems, Emily Scudder 
[The ice does not melt], Jesse Lee Kercheval 
The Arc of it All, Adrian C. Louis 


All Poems are Found, on the poetry of Cecily Parks, Katie Manning 

An Authentic and Ethical Life, celebrating the life and work of Carol Bly, Catherine Browder 


Watercolor by Eric Swanstu

Photographs by Jeannette Scott and from the New Letters Archive.