Vol. 74 no. 2

Winter 2008


Let Us Contradict, Robert Stewart


Flood, The, Anne-E. Wood 

Two Studies in Entropy, Sara Pritchard 

Intercourse: Couples in Six Short Stories, Robert Olen Butler 


Introduction: Inge Genefke’s Second Testimony on Torture, translated by Thomas E. Kennedy, Thomas Larsen 

The Meeting with Evil: Fight Against Torture, transcript by Thomas Larsen; translated by ThomasE. Kennedy, Inge Genefke 

The Great Debaters: Looking for Tolson the Poet, Robert M. Farnsworth 

Whistleblower, Beverly Blasingame 


Mirrors of Damascus, translated by Issa Boullat, Abed Ismael 
Two Poems, Trish Reeves 
Two Poems, Adrian C. Louis 
early morning lines, John Knoepfle 
The End and the Beginning, translated by Marilyn Hacker, Marie Etienne 

Two Poems, Deborah Bogen 
Class Reunion, David Ray 
Descent, Matthew Ladd 
For Deliverance, M. Nassorri Pavone 
The Palmer Method, William Trowbridge 
Hangman, first place, Jennifer Maier 
A Puzzle, Jennifer Maier 
Two Poems, Melvin B. Tolson 


Paying for Every Word, an interview with Margot Livesey, conducted by James Schiff 


Anatomy Lessons, a review of Leslie Adrienne Miller’s poems, Katie Manning 

The Top Tier of Literary Essays, on the essays of John Updike and J.M. Coetzee, Peter Wolfe 

Between Memory and Mirth: Stories As Shape-Shifting Genre, on two recent Flannery O’Connor Award winners in the short story, Catherine Browder


Murals by Jose Domingo Canas

Photographs by Choung Doan