Vol. 73 no. 1

Fall 2006/2007


Editor’s note by Robert Stewart


Ostriches, Susan Tekulve 

Sick in London, Mary Gordon 

Reason to Believe He Hath Deserted, Michael Pritchett 

Tommy Henrich’s a Prick, Paul Zimmer 


from Portrait of a Homeless Art History Student, McCarter Andrew 

Recovering Robinson, Scott Donaldson 


The Carpenter, Thom Schramm 
Plantation, Lightsey Darst 
Two Poems, Gary Soto 
The Deer, Michael Chitwood 
Finding Bach, Steven Rood 
Two Poems, Deborah Ager 
Three Poems, Steve Paul 
Ode to Clouds, Christopher Buckley 

Nighties, Maria Mazziotti Gillan 
Except, Robert Dana 
Coffee with Cream and Sugar, Richard Jones 
A Barbequed Life (1967), Stanley E. Banks 
The Blue Angels, John Poch 
Boston Evening Transcript, William Logan 
poems shaped from the liebeslieder waltzes, John Knoepfle 
I Am Still Thinking About This Crow, translated by Iraj Omidvar and Parviz Omidvar, Ahmad Shamlu (A. Bamdad) 
The Desert of Christmas, Debora Greger 


In Dreadful Times, review of recent fiction by John Updike, Peter Wolfe 

The Enlightened Recumbent, on the poems of Flyod Skloot and David Citino, Thomas March 

No One Gets Out of There Alive, on the poetry of Valerie Nieman, Tom Lombardo


Photographs by Gloria Baker Feinstein