Vol. 72 no. 2

Winter 2006


All That I Remember, Robert Stewart


Into the Holy of Holies, Brian Weinberg 

Putting Things Together, Mary A. Porto 

Denouement, Brian Doyle 

The Horse in Our History, Daniel Woodrell 


32nd Running of the Tempus Stakes, Moe Folk 

The Art of Revising, Jorie Graham 

The Beautiful City of Tirzah, Harrison Fletcher 


Three Poems, Peter Cooley 
Ghazal for the Feast of All Saints, Lynn Domina 
Two Poems, Dore Kiesselbach 
Five Poems, Mark Strand 
Five Poems, Nadine Meyer 
Two Poems, David Citino 
Two Poems, Richard A. Jones

Pia Louise of the Pink Palace, Nance Van Winckel 
Two Poems, Christine Gelineau 
Two Poems, Harry Humes 


The Scrupulous Attention, an interview with Mark Strand, conducted by Robert Stewart 


Famous Poets and Other Oxymorons, on the new book by Lucia Perillo, Amy Lemmon 

What Their Lives Embody: Storytelling as a Gift, on the stories of R. M. Kinder, Catherine Browder 

The Good Harvest, on the poetry of Van K. Brock, Christine Meyer Ponsford


Drawings on canvas by Mark Strand

Ceramic Vessels by Rudy Autio

Photographs by Michael Eastman