Vol. 72 no. 1

Fall 2005/2006


Introduction: The Essay and Form, Robert Stewart


On Being Cool, Laurence Gonzales 

Soldier Son, Janet Burroway 

The Trapezoidal Mind, William H. Gass 

Charles the Obscure, Charles Simic 

9/11: The View from Gramercy, Kathrin Perutz 

The Silence, Elmaz Abinader 

Filing N-400 for Naturalization, Judy Ray 

The Boy Who Ran Through Europe, Conger Beasley Jr. 

Riding the Dog, Thomas E. Kennedy 

Striptease, Lauren Slater 

Stories of Water, Linda Hogan 

The Shadow of Her Smile, Donn Irving 

Jungle Fever: Ian Fleming’s James Bond Novels, the Cold War, and Jamaica, Gerald Early 

Oval Ovaries, Flowering Tubes: Another Infant Autopsy, Gail Waldstein 

A Brief History of Hair, Alyce Miller 

How Many of You Are There in the Quartet?, Brian Doyle 

Things Not Seen in a Rear-View Mirror, Debra Marquart 

My Father’s Image, Hilary Masters 

Woman in Front of the Sun, Judith Ortiz Cofer 

Subject: Robert Graves, Random Notes of a Biographer, James McKinley