Vol. 71 no. 4

Summer 2005


Typhoon, Robert Stewart


Even Macau Girls Get the Blues, Bharati Mukherjee 

String Theory, Mary Troy 


John the Baptist, Mia Leonin 

Committee to Save the World, Robert Day 

Jesse Howard and Roger Brown in the Broadcasting Booth of the Lord, Andrei Codrescu 

The Way of Ignorance, Wendell Berry 


Famous lovers stumbled upon, Marge Piercy 
Two Poems, Alice Friman 
Migration, Brian Swann 
Two Poems, Dennis Finnell 
Two Poems, Jane Hirschfield 
Letter to My Wife and Little Son, translated by Kevin Christianson and Halina Ablamowicz, Andrzej Bursa 
Birthing on Battlefields, David Ray 

Two Poems, Tom Russell 
Cliche, Geof Hewitt 
100-inch Mill, Special Plate Finishing Facility, Robert Gibb 


The True Heirs, an interview with Bharati Mukherjee, conducted by Angela Elam 


The Brown/Howard Art Tour, an essay on the art exhibition, Margaret Brommelsiek 

A New Path to Paradise, on the fiction of Mary Troy, Catherine Browder 

Place and Inspiration, on the travel writing of Walter Cummings and Thomas E. Kennedy, Susan Tekulve 

Toward Redemption, on the essays of Melita Schaum and Paul Zimmer, H.L. Hix


Watercolors by John Cody

Paintings by Roger Brown and Jesse Howard