Vol. 71 no. 3

Spring 2005


Say, Yes, Robert Stewart


How God and I Used to Get Along, translated by Nicky Agate, Eric Gilbert 

My Uncle’s Poor French, Robert Day 

Jane, Dreaming, Mary Grimm 


The Bicycle and the Soul, Michael Waters 

The Bridge Back to Queens, Thomas E. Kennedy 

Elizabeth Layton, Anniversary of the Public Life, Don Lambert 

Afoot on this Movable Earth, William Kloefkorn 


Pavese, Michael Waters 
Three Poems, Leslie Ullman 
Three Poems, Terrance Hayes
Six Poems, Jim Harrison 
Links, Peter Viereck 
Two Poems, translated by Bruce Berlind, Gyorgy Petri
Sailors, Marsha Truman Cooper 
The color of the world is a miraculous thing, translated by Marilyn Hacker, Gabrielle Althen 

Three Poems, Katherine Soniat 
The Check Up, Mia Leonin 
Calling Bindweed Pretty, Harley Elliott 
The Gulf, Janice N. Harrington 
The Hook, Nadine Meyer 
The Allodoxaphobe to Her Love, Jeannie Kidera 


Repair Work, an interview with Jim Harrison, conducted by Angela Elam 


A Life, Wild With Language, on the poetry of Gary Snyder, Conger Beasley Jr. 

Small Redemption, on the fiction of Gary Gildner, William Sheldon 

Art’s Main Business, on the fiction of Richard Dokey, Catherine Browder



Drawings by Elizabeth Layton

Photographs by Barbara Hamby