Vol. 71 no. 1

Fall 2004/2005


Literary Values, Robert Stewart


Bound Woman, Nahid Rachlin 

The Story of Those Times, Mary Gordon 

Beautiful for a Day, Gabriel Welsch 

Traveling Light, Gladys Swan 

The Skull Hunter, Robert Day 

The Story I’m Pitching, Robert Day 

Meatloaf, Hilary Masters 


New Slovenian Women’s Poetry, Bridgette Bates 

Somehow I Don’t Think This is the Ozarks Anymore, James Bogan 


Two Poems, translated by Henry Israeli and Shpresa Qatipi, Luljeta Lleshanaku 
Ella, Gary Gildner 
Two Poems, Patricia Traxler 
Four Poems, Albert Goldbarth 
Road, translated by Ana Jelnikar, Lucija Stupica 
From Mobilizations: Mobilization for Survival, translated by Ana Jelnikar, Taja Kramberger 
Three Poems, translated by Natasa Benkic, Maja Vidmar 

Two Poems, translated by Ana Jelnikar, Marusa Krese 
Two Poems, translated by Ana Jelnikar, Barbara Korun 
Three Poems, translated by Milan Selj, Vida Mokrin-Pauer 
From Flat Landscape: Moving Train People Seated, translated by Anthony Rudolf and author, Ifigenija Zagorcnik Simonovic 
This Poem Is Not Here, translated by James Bogan, Max Martins 
My Shirt Inspector Reassures Me, Samuel Hazo 
Iambs, Steven Barza 
Awaiting the Return Ferry, Nance Van Winckel 


The Glittering Eye of the Narrator, an interview with Robert Day, conducted by Fred Whitehead 


Chinese Poetry Shows the Way, an essay-review of the Elliot Weinberger anthology, Conger Beasley Jr. 

Narrative and Memoir, an essay-review of memoirs by Pascal Khoo Thwe and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Sarah Fay 


Paintings by Kathryn Jankus Day

Photographs by Larry W. Schwarm