Vol. 70 nos. 3 & 4

Spring/Summer 2004


Editor’s Note, Robert Stewart


Cybele, Naked, Beth Simon 

Syrup and Feather, Cary Holladay 

The Blind Spot, Mary Gordon 

The Ice Road, William J. Cobb 

Driving the Dead Man’s Car, Susan Ferguson 


Wind-Time, Wolf-Time, Jonis Agee 

On Painting Don Quixote, Luis Quintanilla 

Don Quixote in the Heartland: My Father’s Murals, Paul Quintanilla 

In the Dark, Thomas E. Kennedy 

Zio Filippo at Summer Camp, Helen Barolini 


Three Poems, Noel Smith 
Three Poems, Linda Pastan 
Two Poems, Marilyn Kallet 
Moon Dance, David Wagoner 
Two Poem, Abe Louise Young 
Three Poems, Brent Dozier 
The Face You Forget Again, Amy McCann 
Three Poems, Jill Osier 
Two Poems, Aliki Barnstone 
Goodbye to the Blockhead, David Clewell 
Four Poems, Sonia Gernes 
Two Poems, Linda Ramey 
Singing Descant, Allison Funk 
INRI, Thomas Zvi Wilson
Two Poems, Anthony Butts 
Winter Landscape, Emmanuel Moses 
Two Poems, Walt McDonald 
We Could’ve Been Commandos, Charles Harper Webb

Two Poems, Mark Irwin 
Five Poems, Jim Daniels 
Three Poems, Tim Seibles 
Ode for the Runners of the Municipal Race, Maura Stanton 
Beyond Words, Anna Boothe 
Gershwin’s Shoes at the Piano, James Ragan 
Ignition, translated by Thomas E. Kennedy, Pia Tafdrup 
Girl with Many Eggs, Jeanie Wilson 
Song, Robert Funge 


A Complicated Relationship, an interview with Mary Gordon, conducted by Angela Elam, Michael Pritchett, and Bryan LeBeau 

Giant Crickets Attacking America, an interview with Tim Seibles, conducted by Remica L. Bingham 


The Serious Business of Entertainment, review of fiction by Trudy Lewis, Catherine Browder 

Beyond Imitation, review of fiction by Judith Kitchen, Catherine Browder 

Mortal Negotiations, review of poetry by Stephen Corey, Walter Bargen 

Language Stampedes, review of fiction by Gary Lutz and David Markson, Scott Bryan Wilson


Fresco Panels by Luis Quintanilla

Photographs by Roger Pfingsto, Thomas E. Kennedy, and Charles Brodsky