Vol. 70 no. 2

Winter 2004


Editor’s Note, Robert Stewart


You Will Miss Me When I Burn, Jacob White 

The Living, Peter Christopher 

Creepy Things, John Bensko 

Surrogates, Rachel Hall 

Wrench, Wayne Harrison 


William Metts, American Poet, Paul Zimmer 

Lost in Translation, first place, the Essay, Peter Ruppert 


Two Poems, Colleen J. McElroy 
Three Poems, Madeline DeFrees 
Brand New Chidii-Mobile, Laura Tohe 
Five Poems, Donald Junkins 
Two Poems, Victoria Chang 
Fragrance, Michael Atkinson 
Indelible, Shirley Stephenson 
Bareback Pantoum, Cecilia Woloch 
Three Poems, Leslie Norman Hubble 
Coupling, Millicent C. Borges 
Heaven, They Say, Claudia Burbank 
Two Poems, Heather Ross Miller 
Vermeer, Mark Irwin 

Two Poems, Alicia Ostriker 
Two Poems, Sunshine Glenstone 
Two Poems, Ruth Herschberger 
Two Poems, Gerard Malanga 
Two Poems, Jo McDougall 
Head-to-Toe, John Balaban 
Poem of Chemical Residue, David Citino 


The End of Boredom, an interview with Billy Collins, conducted by Robert Stewart 


Here in the Midwest, a review of In the Middle of the Middle West: Literary Nonfiction from the Hearland, ed. Becky Bradway, H.L. Hix 

Women’s Work: From the Kitchen to the Woods, a review of short fiction by Sallie Bingham and Krista McFruder, Catherine Browder 

Both Good and Beautiful, a review of poetry by Scott Cairns, Jonathan Holden 

The Poet’s Father as Steer Artist, a review of a memoir by Ron Padgett, Conger Beasley Jr.


Photographs by Richard E. Loftis, Gloria Baker Feinstein, Jesse DeMartino, Keith F. Davis, and Kathy Tracy