Vol. 70 no. 1

Fall 2003/2004


Editor’s note, Robert Stewart


Legacy, Hovaness Donigyan 

Wakefield, Andrei Codrescu 

The Motion of Falling Bodies, Amy Boutell 

Ultimate Film Writing Exercise, The, Mildred Morris 

Counting Sheep, Robert Rice 


The Silence, Elmaz Abinader 

The Political Migrations of Wheat, Debra Marquart 

The Boy Who Ran Through Europe, Conger Beasley Jr. 

Riding the Dog, Thomas E. Kennedy 

Ballet Lesson, Anchee Min 


Two Poems, Qiu Xiaolong 
River, Tony Whedon

Two Poems, Virgil Suarez
Magda of Hospice House, Maxine Kumin 
Four Poems, Robin Becker 
The Sheik’s Heart, Richard Lehnart 
The Hand, Gary Gildner 
Three Poems, Albert Goldbarth 
Little Clarendon Street, Amy Lucas 
Two Poems, Steve Kistulentz 
I Started to Say, Michael Dean Burns 
Doppleganger, Shirley Rickett 
One Home Run, Charles Harper Webb 
Change of Plans, Peter Sercuk 
Three Poems, Carolyn Miller 
Two Poems, Daniel Lusk 


Description and Speculation, an interview with Robin Becker, conducted by Robert Stewart 


Artwork by Terry Allen

Photographs by James Bogan