Vol. 69 nos. 2 & 3

Winter/Spring 2003


A Tradition of the New, Robert Stewart


The Song of Evening, Vincent O. Carter 

Songs Without Words, Charlotte Holmes 

Kismet, Sarah A. Odishoo 

The Amnesty Barracks, Daniel Woodrell 

Stone or Water, Janet L. Thompson 

The Pleasure of Man and Woman Together on Earth, Thomas E. Kennedy 


On Rediscovering Vincent O. Carter, Chip Fleischer 

Robert Stackhouse: Artist As Shapeshifter, Elisabeth Kirsch 

Real Words, Paul Zimmer 

How Many of You Are There in the Quartet?, Brian Doyle 

Alice, Judy Ray 

Looking Out, Gary Gildner 

The Literary Awards, Aleatha Ezra 

On the Edge of Ice, Monica Devine 


Six Poems, Naomi Shihab Nye 
Four Poems, Quincy Troupe 

Two Poems, Marilyn Hacker 
Tools, Joseph Millar 
Luminous Blue Variables, Michelle Boisseau 
When I Left, Vanessa Sooy 
On the Holy Friar Crossing a Suspension Bridge to Paradise, Joanna Goodman 
We are not Creatures of a Single Day, translated by David McDuff, Pia Tafdrup 
Two Poems, Judith Berke 
Looking for the Man in the Moon, Suzanne Rhodenbaugh 
Five Poems, Ellen Bass 
The Summer Carnival, Luisa Igloria 
Two Poems, Donald Junkins 


The Subject is Life, an interview with Naomi Shihab Nye, conducted by Angela Elam 


Modes of Sacred Speech: A review of poetry books by Grace Schulamn, Miranda Field, Natasha Trethewey, Jacqueline Marcus, Linda Gregerson, H. L. Hix 

Anything Could Occur: A review of Hart Crane: A Life, by Clive Fisher, Conger Beasley Jr.


Illustrations by Robert Stackhouse

Photographs by Anonymous and Patricia Dougherty