Vol. 69 no. 4

Summer 2003


Editor’s note, Robert Stewart


Threads on the Mountain, Pamela Schoenewaldt 

The Painter, Mike Lamb 

Sixteen Jackies, Lance Olsen 

On the Way to Dewberry Gardens, Charlotte Forbes 

The Gift of Her Hands, Jean Hanson 

Panther in the Woods, Karen Bjorneby 


High, Low, Everywhere You Go, Janet Burroway 

An Infinity of Particular Things, Jodi Varon 


Avian Nights, Sherman Alexie 
Five Poems, Sherman Alexie
A Byzantine Nobleman Composing Verses, translated by Aliki Barnstone, C. P. Cavafy 
Quartet for Judy, David Ray 
To An Old Poet, translated by William Baer, Jorge Luis Borges 
Footnote, Alice Friman 
Ogre, Anna Maggiore 

Two Poems, Diana O’Hehir 
Pythagoras, Zoe Anglesey 
Meridian, Mia Leonin 
Of Storytelling, Jayanta Mahapatra 
Night Heron, Taylor Stoehr 
Three Poems, Stuart Friebert 
Billy Goat With Alzheimer’s, Tim Skeen 
Three Poems, Warren Slesinger 
Two Poems, Laurie Klein 
Two Poems, Simon Perchik 


To Put on Perfume & Make Guns, an interview with Renee Stout, conducted by Robert Stewart 


The Dream of an Adequate Language, a review of essay books by Brenda Miller and John D’Agata (editor), H. L. Hix 

Two American Books, a review of poetry books by B.H. Fairchild and Leslie Adrienne Miller, Jonathan Holden 



Mixed media artwork and sculpture by Renee Stout

Illustrations by Andy Warhol and Renee Stout