Vol. 69 no. 1

Fall 2002


On Being a Managing Editor, Robert Stewart


Family, Frances Sherwood 

Bobbing, Helen Barolini 

The Birthday, Harry Mark Petrakis 

Say When, Roderick Townley 

Pine Cones, Scott Ely 

Handel’s Father, Bill Oliver 

Mistrals, Stephen Ausherman 

The Bombing of Tripoli, William McCauley 


The Drawings of Laurie Lipton, Janet Burroway 

A brief history of hair, Alyce Miller 


Christmas 2001, Tim Seibles 
Five Poems, Nance Van Winckel 

What the Body Knows, Alison Townsend 
Two Poems, Eric Pankey 
Sea Change, Laurie Lipton 
The Black Hole, David Ray 
In a Season of Absence, Maryfrances Wagner 
Some Boys are Born to Wander, Walt McDonald 
At Sybaris, Francis Blessington 
Spring Fires in Livingston Parish, Alison Pelegrin 
Three Poems, Regan Good 
The Bar Mitzvah, Alex Horne 
The Letter, Walter Bargen 
The Skeleton of Roaring Camp Might be a Woman, David Citino 
Georgia, Susan Whitmore 
Water, Greg Field 
On the Undying Political Influence of Frank O’Hara, Saul Bennett 
The Swing, Miriam Poeter-Miller The Race, Kurt Brown


Illustrations by Laurie Lipton

Photographs by Roger Pfingston