Vol. 68 no. 2

Winter 2002


Editor’s note, James McKinley


First Light, K. L. Barron 

Bee Moths, Ginny MacKenzie 

Captain Galaxy Comes Back to Earth, Kris Saknussemm 

Second Skin, Gina Ochsner 


Between Earth & Sky, Debra Marquart 

Working the Vineyard, Hilary Masters 

Theft and Loss, Melita Schaum 


For Hai Zi, Who Calls Himself Son of the Sea, Ye Chun 
Messages, Alicia Beale 

Advice for Soldiers, Rick Bursky 
Two Poems, translated by Marilyn Hacker, Hedi Kaddour 
Calling the Cats, Adrian C. Louis 
Spring, Adrienne Su 
The Rivers, Roderick Townley 
Two Poems, Larry Rubin 
Walking Out, Bonnie Lyons 
A Snapshot of Chief Peter Setate’ket, Nicola in Headgear and Kilts, Michael Campagnoli


Photographs by Raymond M. Coveney and Sherry L. Best