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 Edition dates: Nov. 22, 2019 to Dec. 8, 2019.

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Alberto Ríos’ “Ten Seconds in Two Lives”

                        The bi-weekly featured short fiction

Fleda Brown's "Come Moths" & "Refrigerator"

                        The bi-weekly featured poet

Paula Streeter’s “Angels and Animales

                        The bi-weekly featured essay

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The New Letters Book Reviewer 

"Wild Consciousness," on the poetry of
Carolyne Wright, by Lillo Way

"Introspective Territory," on the poetry
of Marilyn Hacker, by Annie Finch

"The Essay Canon," an anthology of
women essay writers, by Natalie Johansen

"Something Must Be Said," on Robert Bly's Best American
Poetry 1999
, by Robert Stewart

"Work in Progress: The Beginnings of a Biography," on
Evan S. Connell, by Steve Paul

"An Anywhre Road for Anybody Anyhow," on the poems
of Denise Low, by Julia Older.

"A Short History of What Matters," on the poetry
of Jose Padua, by Robert Stewart.

"A Tender Resilience," on the poetry of 
Blas Falconer, by Janet Reed.

"Bifurcations of the Body," on a novel by
Roque Larraquy, by Greg Walklin.

"Between Two Worlds," on the poem/art collaborations of
Ann Fisher-Wirth and Maude Schuyler Clay by Daneen Wardrop.

"What Shudders & Shakes," on the poems 
of Michelle Menting by Alarie Tennille.

"Earth Day for Elmer Fudd," on the poetry
of Josephy Harrington by Denise Low.

"An Insufficient Literary History of Greg Field,"
on his poetry, by Robert Stewart. 

"Where Does the Truth Lie?," on the stories
of Jacob M. Appel, by R.M. Kinder.

"Jackalope Walks into a Bar," on the mythopoesis
of Denise Low, by Carolyne Wright.

"A New & Timeless Sappho," on the new translation
by Stanley Lombardo, by Denise Low. 

"New England Alchemy," on poems by Megan Grumbling,
by Kevin O'Connor.

"Do What a Poem Does," on a single poem 
by Greg Pape, by Robert Stewart.



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Friday, August 21, 2020
Kansas City, Mo.


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