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American Greats (June 29, 1998)

American Greats: A Celebration of American Writers - This program features archive recordings of som

Bragg, Rick (January 13, 1999)

Rick Bragg - A Pulitzer Prize winning reporter for The New York Times, Rick Bragg talks about his fi

Cherry, Kelly (November 18, 1998)

Kelly Cherry - The author of over a dozen books, including poetry, novels and essays, Kelly Cherry r

Cofer, Judith Ortiz (May 5, 1998)

Judith Ortiz Cofer - Judith Ortiz Cofer's work often reflects her Puerto Rican heritage and her chil

Cofer, Judith Ortiz (October 7, 1998)

Judith Ortiz Cofer - Puerto Rican writer Judith Cofer talks about how her heritage has influenced he

Gaines, Ernest J. (February 11, 2004)

Ernest J. Gaines - One of America's best-known contemporary black writers, Ernest J. Gaines first fo

Goldring, Elizabeth (September 7, 1998)

Elizabeth Goldring - Exhibits and projects director at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at the

Gopnik, Adam (November 11, 1998)

Adam Gopnik - A writer for The New Yorker magazine since 1986, Adam Gopnik regularly explores i

Hass, Robert (July 24, 2002)

Robert Hass - The U.S. Poet Laureate 1995-97, Robert Hass has been an acclaimed poet since the publi

Hoffmann II (June 8, 1998)

Roald Hoffmann - Hoffmann, a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, talks with Barry Palevitz of the Universit

Ignatow III (January 5, 1998)

David Ignatow - This program features excerpts from Ignatow's 1991 interview with updates about his

Kricorian, Nancy (December 3, 1998)

Nancy Kricorian - A published poet, Nancy Kricorian talks about her first novel, Zabelle, which is l

Larson, Edward J. (August 2, 2000)

Edward Larson talks about his 1998 Pulitzer Prize winning book Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial

Laux, Dorianne (June 16, 1998)

Dorianne Laux - Dorianne Laux is a co-author of The Poet's Companion: A Guide to the Pleasures of Wr

Lopez, Barry (September 30, 1998)

d The Paris Review.  His 1998 collection of essays, About This Life, is his most personally rev

Mapson, Jo Ann (September 21, 1998)

Jo Ann Mapson - The author of four novels, Jo Ann Mapson's 1997 book, Loving Chloe, is a contin

New Years: Forward (December 24, 2003)

New Years: Forward - A look forward and back as we celebrate beginnings and endings with this show f

O'Brien, Tim (January 6, 1999)

Tim O'Brien - Winner of numerous national and international awards for his fiction about the Vietnam

Outtake Heaven (October 14, 1998)

Outtake Heaven - In tandem with public radio station fundraisers around the country, we present this

Peacock, Molly (May 9, 2001)

Molly Peacock - Molly Peacock is the author of four collections of poetry. Her book, Paradise, Piece

Phillips, Carl (February 10, 1999)

Carl Phillips - The author of In the Blood, winner of the Morse Poetry Prize, and Cortege: Poems, a

Pinsky II (April 28, 1998)

Robert Pinsky - In this 1998 interview by Kay Bonetti, Pinsky, then U.S. Poet Laureate, talks about

Sedaris, David (October 21, 1998)

David Sedaris - One of public radio's most popular writers, David Sedaris talks about how his writin

Sedaris, David (August 23, 2000)

David Sedaris - Another visit with one of public radio's favorite writers, David Sedaris, this time

Seyburn, Patty & Peacock, Molly (April 14, 1999)

radic, which was published in 1998 as a result of winning the Marianne Moore Poetry Prize. Her readi

Tan, Amy (March 28, 2001)

s helped write the book. This 1998 conversation lends insight to the character in her 2001 novel, Th

The Loudest Voice (December 8, 2018)

y's popularity, Grace Paley's 1998 reading of it for New Letters on the Air was the first

Updike, John (May 5, 1999)

John Updike - One of the grand masters of fiction, John Updike discusses his collection of novellas,

Woodrell, Daniel (January 5, 2000)

Daniel Woodrell - Dubbed as a writer of “country noir,” Daniel Woodrell talks with Mark

David Sedaris; Save America's Treasures Selection (October 19, 2012)

David Sedaris: Save America's Treasures Selection - Listen to the writer made famous on public radio

Judith Ortiz Cofer: Past American Voice (September 15, 2017)

r's Humanities Award. In this 1998 interview, the winner of Pushcart and O'Henry Prizes  talks

Judith Ortiz Cofer: Past American Voice (October 6, 2017)

5. In the second half of this 1998 conversation, she discusses the complicated issues involving Puer

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Donohoe, Peterson, Harty & Schier-Akmala

Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Overland Park, Kan.


Winners Announced: New Letters Literary Awards

New Letters is pleased to announce the 2018 winners of the $2,500 Conger Beasley Jr. Prize for Nonfiction, the $1,500 New Letters Prize for Fiction, and the $1,500 Prize for Poetry. See the winners, judges, and finalists here.


Clarion Awards Selection CD Special

Jamaica KincaidJim ShepardGloria Vando & Anika ParisLuis Alberto Urrea, and Alex George, normally $7.99 per episode, this cd collection comes with over $15.00 in savings. Downloads of these programs have been reduced and are available through our archives.