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Alegria II (March 4, 1996)

Claribel Alegria - Alegria, one of Central America's most widely read poets, reads from her collecti

Bakeer (June 19, 1995)

Donald Bakeer - This high school teacher in South Central Los Angeles wrote a novel, CRIPS, so that

Barks, Coleman (September 4, 2002)

Coleman Barks - Georgia poet Coleman Barks is probably best known for his translations of the 13th c

Beattie (November 6, 1995)

Ann Beattie - The author of short fiction and novels, Beattie chronicles passages into middle age.

Best of Presson (November 20, 1995)

TTERS ON THE AIR from 1983 to 1995. This program features some of Presson's best programs.

Blackburn A (March 31, 1995)

Alexander Blackburn - In a rollicking, picaresque novel, Blackburn examines the lives of several per

Blackburn J (October 30, 1995)

Julia Blackburn - In THE BOOK OF COLOR, the English novelist Blackburn fictionalizes her grandfather

Boyle (January 8, 1996)

T. Coraghesson Boyle - The popular short-story writer and novelist reads from THE TORTILLA CURTAIN,

Carruth I (October 2, 1995)

Hayden Carruth - The winner of the 1991 National Book Critics Circle Award reads from two books of c

Carruth II (October 9, 1995)

Hayden Carruth - The winner of the 1991 National Book Critics Circle Award reads from two books of c

Charters (May 1, 1995)

Ann Charters - Charters, editor of THE PORTABLE JACK KEROUAC and the BEAT READER, reads poetry by Ke

Cruz (March 27, 1995)

Victor Hernandez Cruz - In RED BEANS, Cruz's poetry and prose evoke the history of his native Puerto

Elkin III (December 4, 1995)

r work following his death in 1995.

Ellis (October 29, 1995)

Jerry Ellis - Ellis is known for books chronicling his historical journeys, including walking the Ch

Fussell P (January 30, 1995)

Paul Fussell - Known primarily for his literary criticism and for the defense of the American bombin

Gaddis II (March 20, 1995)

William Gaddis - Gaddis focuses on JR, a novel, as well as his unwillingness to "perform\" his writi

Heim (May 15, 1995)

Scott Heim - Heim reads from his novel MYSTERIOUS SKIN, the story of two boys molested by their Litt

Kenyon II (December 11, 1995)

Jane Kenyon - This program features the 1987 interview, along with more details about Kenyon's life

Koch I (May 29, 1995)

Kenneth Koch - In this two-part interview made in his apartment shortly after his 70th birthday, Koc

Koch II (June 5, 1995)

Kenneth Koch - In this continuation of Program I, Koch reads from his selected poems, THE GREAT ATLA

Komunyakaa (November 13, 1995)

Yusef Komunyakaa - Komunyakaa reads from his 1994 Pulitzer Prize-winner, NEON VERNACULAR. He talks

Lauterbach I (March 11, 1996)

Ann Lauterbach - Lauterbach, the winner of many awards including a MacArthur "genius\" grant, is kno

Lauterbach II (March 18, 1996)

Ann Lauterbach - Lauterbach, the winner of many awards including a MacArthur "genius\" grant, is kno

Martinez (June 12, 1995)

Demetria Martinez - Poet and journalist Demetria Martinez won the Western States Book Award for her

McDonald (April 8, 1996)

Walter McDonald - Texas poet Walter McDonald was a recipient of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame's W

McElroy I (February 20, 1995)

Colleen J. McElroy - This Seattle poet reads from WHAT MADNESS BROUGHT ME HERE. She discusses her b

Molinaro (April 13, 1995)

Ursule Molinaro - Molinaro takes ancient stories and retells them from an avant-garde feminist point

Olds B (July 1, 1996)

Bruce Olds - Olds blends historical fact with fiction in his novel RAISING HOLY HELL. The novel tra

Ondaatje I (September 4, 1995)

Michael Ondaatje - The Booker Prize winner reads from his award-winning novel THE ENGLISH PATIENT, a

Ondaatje II (September 11, 1995)

Michael Ondaatje - The second part of this interview continues with a discussion and reading of Onda

Raffel (September 18, 1995)

Dawn Raffel - This fiction writer reads from her first collection of short stories, IN THE YEAR OF L

Swander (October 16, 1995)

Mary Swander - Swander reads both poetry and prose about her rural life among the Amish of Iowa. He

Valentine (April 24, 1995)

Jean Valentine - Valentine's surreal, evocative poems have been featured in THE NEW YORKER. She talk

Williams C. K. I (May 8, 1995)

C.K. Williams - This National Book Critics Circle Award winner reads from his book POEMS 1963-1983 a

Wolff, Tobias (November 27, 1995)

Tobias Wolff - Through his memoir In Pharaoh’s Army: Memories of the Lost War, Tobias Wol

Young K (October 25, 1995)

Kevin Young - Young's first book of poems was published as part of the National Poetry Series. This

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