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Amerika (May 2, 1994)

Mark Amerika - The Colorado author reads from his experimental novel THE KAFKA CHRONICLES and talks

Anaya (September 19, 1994)

Rudolfo Anaya - Anaya's first novel, BLESS ME ULTIMA, has been an international bestseller since it

Auster (September 26, 1994)

Paul Auster - Auster is a best-selling writer in Europe with a solid reputation in the United States

Barich (May 16, 1994)

Bill Barich - Barich, an oft-published essayist, reads from BIG DREAMS: INTO THE HEART OF CALIFORNI

Birkerts (October 31, 1994)

Sven Birkerts - One of the most interesting and lively literary critics of our time, Birkerts is con

Black (January 23, 1995)

Gregory D. Black - In a nonfiction work, Black looks at HOLLYWOOD CENSORED: MORALITY CODES, CATHOLIC

Boland (November 28, 1994)

Eavan Boland - Among the top living Irish poets, Boland has been published in THE NEW YORKER. She r

Butler (March 21, 1994)

Robert Olen Butler - The winner of the 1993 Pulitzer Prize reads from his erotic novel, THEY WHISPER

Coetzee (January 16, 1995)

J.M. Coetzee - The South African writer has won Britain's Booker Prize and is considered among the b

Dooling (September 12, 1994)

Richard Dooling - In the author's second novel, WHITE MAN'S GRAVE, Dooling compares the American "ba

Dorris II (May 30, 1994)

Michael Dorris - Dorris reads from his book of essays PAPER TRAIL and talks about his plans for the

Field (April 18, 1994)

Edward Field - Although he lives in New York, Field has been credited as being father of the Long Be

Fuentes, Carlos (April 28, 1999)

Carlos Fuentes - Carlos Fuentes, Mexico's most celebrated novelist, discusses The Orange Tree,&

Gaddis I (December 12, 1994)

William Gaddis - One of the grand old men of American letters and a notorious recluse, Gaddis has wo

Gilbert, Jack (January 17, 1994)

Jack Gilbert - The San Francisco poet, Jack Gilbert, reads from The Great Fires, his first book in o

Gioia (June 20, 1994)

Dana Gioia - In his controversial book of essays CAN POETRY MATTER? Gioia, a poet himself, takes on

Giovanni, Nikki (January 31, 1994)

Nikki Giovanni - Acclaimed poet Nikki Giovanni, winner of the Langston Hughes Award, reads from her

Gordimer, Nadine (August 21, 1995)

Nadine Gordimer - The Nobel Prize-winning South African writer, Nadine Gordimer reads from her

Harper II (February 14, 1994)

Michael Harper - Harper's poetry struggles with questions posed by W.E.B. Du Bois about dualities of

Harris W I (October 3, 1994)

Wilson Harris - Harris talks about his life-long effort to write a modern epic and about classic wor

Harris W II (October 10, 1994)

Wilson Harris - Harris reads from his novels RESURRECTION AT SORROW HILL and PALACE OF THE PEACOCK.

Haskins (June 13, 1994)

Lola Haskins - Haskins is a Florida writer known for her poems told in the voices of women in histor

Hollander (April 10, 1995)

John Hollander - Among the most erudite of contemporary poets, Hollander has strong opinions about w

Kizer, Carolyn (May 9, 1994)

Carolyn Kizer - Pulitzer Prize winner Carolyn Kizer shares her writing during a public reading in Te

Kizer, Carolyn (June 27, 1994)

Carolyn Kizer - In this continuation of a public reading in Tempe, Arizona, Pulitzer Prize winning p

Malouf (December 26, 1994)

David Malouf - Malouf is among Australia's top novelists. He reads from REMEMBERING BABYLON, which

Merrill (June 6, 1994)

Christopher Merrill - The New Mexico author's poetic trilogy, WATCHFIRE, combines his interests in s

Miller (March 28, 1994)

E. Ethelbert Miller - Miller reads from FIRST LIGHT: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS. He also talks about ed

Okri (February 21, 1994)

Ben Okri - Britain's top literary award, the Booker Prize, went to this Nigerian writer for THE FAMI

Plumly (October 24, 1994)

Stanley Plumly - Plumly reads from three books of poems, which he considers a trilogy. Plumly says

Rich, Adrienne (January 2, 1995)

Adrienne Rich - Among the most important poets of her time, Adrienne Rich started her writing career

Rios (February 27, 1995)

Alberto Rios - Rios reads from several books of poems, including TEODORO LUNA'S TWO KISSES, which ta

Sanchez, Sonia (February 26, 2003)

Sonia Sanchez - A poet, activist, and professor, Sonia Sanchez is a well-known member of the Black A

Sherwood (April 25, 1994)

Frances Sherwood - Sherwood's novel VINDICATION is a fictionalized biography of the mother of Mary S

Adrienne Rich: Save America's Treasures Selection (March 1, 2013)

Adrienne Rich: Save America's Treasures Selection - This month's Save America's Treasures recording,

Carlos Fuentes: Save America's Treasures Selection (September 28, 2012)

Treasures Selection - In this 1994 interview by former New Letters on the Air host, Rebekah Presson,

Nadine Gordimer Memorial (August 8, 2014)

July 13, 2014.  In this 1994 interview with former New Letters on the Air host, Rebekah P

Carolyn Kizer: Past American Voice (March 20, 2015)

0, as well as interviews from 1994 with Rebekah Presson and 1997 with fellow poet, Michelle Boisseau

Grace Paley: Past American Voice (October 5, 2007)

from 1991 and 1994 as well as a 1998 holiday program are available in our audio arch

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