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Baker D (February 14, 1992)

David Baker - Baker's collection of poems SWEET HOME SATURDAY NIGHT incorporates his perceptions of

Bruchac II (March 12, 1993)

Joseph Bruchac - A member of the Abenaki nation, Bruchac chants and reads poems and stories ranging

Doty C (May 15, 1992)

Carolyn Doty - Doty's fourth novel, WHISPER, is described as "partly domestic realism, partly Victor

Farah (January 29, 1993)

Nuruddin Farah - The Somali novelist reads from and discusses his trilogy, VARIATIONS ON THE THEME O

Gallagher (January 22, 1993)

Tess Gallagher - The author of several books of short stories and poetry, Gallagher reads poems from

Goedicke III (September 18, 1992)

Patricia Goedicke - "All poetry begins with the body,\" says Goedicke, who tries to reconcile physic

Goldbarth (September 4, 1992)

Albert Goldbarth - The 1992 winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award, Goldbarth reads his po

Gonzalez (October 16, 1992)

Ray Gonzalez - Gonzalez edited the anthology of essays, poems, and stories WITHOUT DISCOVERY: A NATI

Gooneratne (February 21, 1992)

Yasmine Gooneratne - Gooneratne lives in Australia but writes largely about her native Sri Lanka. S

Hamill (May 22, 1992)

Sam Hamill - Sam Hamill is a Seattle poet, translator, and the co-founder and editor of Copper Canyo

Harris (May 3, 1992)

Eddy L. Harris - A writer who documents his own adventures, Harris wrote NATIVE STRANGER: A BLACK AM

Herrera, Juan Felipe (January 17, 1992)

Juan Felipe Herrera - Chicano poet and writer Juan Felipe Herrera uses his work to reveal his evolut

Houston (May 1, 1992)

Pam Houston - Houston's story "How to Talk to a Hunter\" was selected for the BEST AMERICAN SHORT ST

Kunitz I (December 11, 1992)

Stanley Kunitz - Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for his SELECTED POEMS, Kunitz is known as a fine craf

Kunitz II (December 25, 1992)

Stanley Kunitz - Kunitz reads poems and talks about gardening, which he sees as an activity equal to

Lear (November 13, 1992)

Patricia Lear - Lear's short story "After Memphis,\" from her collection STARDUST, 7-ELEVEN, ROUTE 5

Mazza (November 20, 1992)

Cris Mazza - Mazza's first novel, HOW TO LEAVE A COUNTRY, won the PEN Nelson Algren Award for fictio

Merwin II (January 15, 1993)

W.S. Merwin - Merwin reads from his SELECTED POEMS and discusses his role as an "oracular\" poet and

Nabokov (March 5, 1993)

Peter Nabokov - Nabokov's book NATIVE AMERICAN TESTIMONY tells the story of 500 years of white/India

Olds, Sharon (January 1, 1993)

Sharon Olds - Sharon Olds' poetry "is remarkable for its candor, its eroticism, and its power to mov

Pemberton (October 30, 1992)

Gayle Pemberton - In THE HOTTEST WATER IN CHICAGO, her book of personal essays, Pemberton presents a

Percy II (April 24, 1992)

Walker Percy - A tribute to the late Walker Percy, containing material from Program I.

Rodriguez (January 24, 1992)

Luis Rodriguez - Raised in the barrio of east Los Angeles where he fought with gangs and witnessed b

Romtvedt (September 25, 1992)

was published as part of the 1992 National Poetry Series. Here Romtvedt reads his poems and talks

Stern G II (March 6, 1992)

Gerald Stern - Stern reads from BREAD WITHOUT SUGAR and talks about themes of loss and about the rel

Tapahonso I (October 9, 1992)

Luci Tapahonso - Tapahonso was born on the Navajo reservation at Shiprock, New Mexico, and grew up t

Tate, James (August 17, 1998)

s Selected Poems in 1992. The author of twelve collection of poetry, Tate talks candi

Troupe II (January 31, 1992)

Quincy Troupe - Co-author with Miles Davis of the best-selling book MILES: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY, Troupe

Valenzuela (February 12, 1993)

Luisa Valenzuela - This Argentine novelist reads from her book BLACK NOVEL WITH ARGENTINES, a dark m

Vizenor, Gerald (October 23, 1992)

Vizenor talks about his 1992 book, Dead Voices. He once again explores the theme of transforma

Wilson R (March 13, 1992)

Robley Wilson - Wilson is a former editor of THE NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW and one of the country's high

Winton (May 29, 1992)

Tim Winton - This Australian "wunderkind\" reads from his fifth novel, CLOUDSTREET, and talks about

Woodrell, Daniel (November 6, 1992)

Daniel Woodrell - Daniel Woodrell, the author of a series of critically acclaimed murder mysteries s

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