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Adams (October 5, 1990)

Alice Adams - The best-selling author of SUPERIOR WOMEN, Adams reads the title story from her collec

Arias (January 18, 1991)

Arturo Arias - A prominent Central American writer, Arias helped write the screenplay for the movie

Bakken (October 19, 1990)

Dick Bakken - Bakken is primarily known as a performance poet and a tireless organizer of poetry fes

Beasley Jr., Conger (March 16, 1990)

Conger Beasley Jr. - In environmental essays, novels, and short stories, Conger Beasley Jr. has prov

Behn (May 11, 1990)

Robin Behn - Behn talks about the sometimes painful nature of her work, about illness and hope, and

Boissiere (April 27, 1990)

Robert Boissiere - In 1983, Boissiere began writing about his experiences living with the Hopi India

Cassill (May 18, 1990)


Conroy II (March 30, 1990)

Jack Conroy - A tribute to the proletarian writer and novelist who, as the 1930s editor of literary

Dor (June 8, 1990)

Moshe Dor - Dor is an Israeli poet who has won Israel's equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize, the Bialik

Early (February 23, 1990)

Gerald Early - Early, a professor of English at Washington University in St. Louis, has written exte

Gass, William (July 3, 1995)

William Gass - A professor of philosophy, William Gass has written fiction and criticism. He is an a

Gernes (June 16, 1990)

Sonia Gernes - A former nun, Gernes is now a feminist whose poems are largely about women and their

Gomringer (September 28, 1990)

Eugen Gomringer - Eugen Gomringer, considered the father of concrete poetry, talks about his fascina

Gordon (January 5, 1990)

Mary Gordon - The writer reads from her highly acclaimed fourth novel, THE OTHER SIDE, and talks abo

Graham (March 9, 1990)

Jorie Graham - Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Jorie Graham spent most of her early life in Italy. Here

Harteis (January 19, 1990)

Richard Harteis - What happens when an overweight, middle-aged man decides to run in the New York ma

Hausman (March 2, 1990)

Herald Hausman - Hausman is the author of books of poetry and fiction that recount the difficulties

Hillerman (June 1, 1990)

Tony Hillerman - Hillerman's literary mystery novels about two Navajo detectives have been best sell

Hogan (April 6, 1990)

Linda Hogan - Hogan's book of poems SEEING THROUGH THE SUN won an American Book Award from the Befor

Kennedy, Thomas E. (July 24, 1995)

Thomas E. Kennedy - Thomas E. Kennedy, an American who lives in Denmark, is the author of novels and

Larsen (November 9, 1990)

Wendy Larsen - A Vietnam War vet and a teacher in Saigon during 1970-71, Larsen co-wrote, with Vietn

Lee I (December 7, 1990)

Y IN WHICH I LOVE YOU was the 1990 Lamont Poetry selection. Here Lee reads from the work and recall

Lim (November 30, 1990)

Catherine Lim - In her home of Singapore, Catherine Lim is a best-selling author. Written in Englis

Littlebird, Larry (April 20, 1990)

Larry Littlebird - A Plains Native American, Larry Littlebird starred in the film adaptation of N. S

Lopez, Barry (June 26, 1992)

Barry Lopez - The best-selling author of Artic Dreams and Of Wolves and Men, Barry Lopez speaks

Matthews J (January 26, 1990)

Jack Matthews - Reviewers for THE NEW YORK TIMES have raved about Jack Matthews. With more than a d

Nemerov II (May 4, 1990)

Howard Nemerov - This program is a studio recording in which Nemerov reads from WAR STORIES. He rec

O'Connor (December 28, 1990)

Sheila O'Connor - O'Connor reads from TOKENS OF GRACE, her first novel.

Paley I (January 4, 1991)

Grace Paley - One of the best-loved short fiction writers of our time talks about how her writing wa

Parini (September 21, 1990)

Jay Parini - Parini reads from THE LAST STATION, his novel about the last year of Leo Tolstoy's life

Ramke (March 23, 1990)

Bin Ramke - Ramke won the Yale Younger Poets Award for THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NIGHT AND DAY, his fir

Revell (November 2, 1990)

Donald Revell - Revell's work has been called "constantly exciting\" by one critic and "stunning and

Russo A (February 9, 1990)

Albert Russo - Russo writes in both English and French. He reads from his novel MIXED BLOOD, which

Simic II (November 23, 1990)

Charles Simic - Simic, whose work is often described as "surrealistic,\" reads from his Pulitzer Pri

Troupe I (February 2, 1990)

Quincy Troupe - Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Troupe's poetry reflects his African-America

Walcott (December 14, 1990)

Derek Walcott - This 1992 Nobel Laureate has long been the leading exponent of the written culture o

Conger Beasley: Past American Voice (August 18, 2017)

rom two archive interviews in 1990 and 1996, as well as some never-before aired segments, as he read

Waters, Frank (July 12, 1991)

Frank Waters - Perhaps the greatest of southwestern writers, Frank Waters has been nominated twice f

Wilbur, Richard (August 9, 1991)

Richard Wilbur - Richard Wilbur, the former Poet Laureate of the United States, reads from his 

Wolff G (September 14, 1990)

Geoffrey Wolff - The author of THE DUKE OF DECEPTION reads from his novel THE FINAL CLUB, which is s

Richard Wilbur: Past American Voice (September 28, 2018)

Medal and many more. In this 1990 archive recording, he reads from his Pulitzer Prize-winning

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