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Aplon (February 3, 1984)

Roger Aplon - The San Francisco poet reads from STILETTO and FROM DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT AT 120 MILES PE

Balaban I (May 6, 1983)

John Balaban - In this program, Balaban reads from WALKING DOWN INTO CEBOLLA CANYON and BLUE MOUNTAI

Bruchac I (April 1, 1983)

Joseph Bruchac - Bruchac, who is part Native American, reads from his poetry book TRANSLATOR'S SON,

Bush & Harjo (May 13, 1983)

Barney Bush - Bush is a member of the Shawnee/Cayuga tribe of Oklahoma. He reads poems from PETROGLY

Bush & Harjo A (May 13, 1983)

Joy Harjo - Barney Bush is a member of the Shawnee/Cayuga tribe of Oklahoma. He reads poems from PET

Chandra I (September 23, 1983)

G.S. Sharat Chandra - Chandra, one of India's foremost poets, has lived in the U.S. for many years.

Ciardi I (December 1, 1983)

John Ciardi - The former poetry editor of THE SATURDAY REVIEW and host of National Public Radio's "A

Curley (March 4, 1983)

Daniel Curley - Curley reads "Trinity," and an excerpt from "The Contrivance." Both short stories we

Dacey (February 18, 1983)

Philip Dacey - Dacey reads selections from published works, including ALL ABOUT GERARD MANLEY HOPKIN

Flint (November 4, 1983)

Roland Flint - Roland Flint is a poet who writes of "nature, but mostly of human nature." He reads f

Fulton (October 14, 1983)

Alice Fulton - Fulton, winner of a poetry award from the Associated Writing Programs, reads from DAN

Hugo II

Richard Hugo - The long-time director of creative writing at the University of Montana reads poems f

Kooser (March 16, 1984)

Ted Kooser - Kooser, a native of Nebraska, reads poems from SURE SIGNS and LANDSCAPE WITH FIGURES.

Levertov (April 22, 1983)

Denise Levertov - Levertov reads poems illustrating her frequent theme of mystical and spiritual exp

MacLean Field, Crystal (February 25, 1983)

Crystal MacLean Field - Crystal MacLean Field, a Kansas City poet who died in 1987, reads from MY SI

Mbembe Memorial (September 16, 1983)

Mbembe Memorial - This memorial program features the late Kansas City poet Mbembe (Milton Smith) rea

Metzger (December 23, 1983)

Deena Metzger - Metzger, a California poet, reads from THE WOMEN WHO SLEPT WITH MEN TO TAKE THE WAR

Nemerov I (June 24, 1983)

Howard Nemerov - A recording of the former Poet Laureate and Pulitzer Prize winner at a public readi

Packard, William (May 20, 1983)

William Packard - William Packard, a poet, playwright, novelist, and founding editor of New York Qua

Peters (June 9, 1983)

Robert Peters - Peters, a California poet, reads from SONGS FOR A SON and recites the dramatic seque

Rakosi (October 28, 1983)

Carl Rakosi - Rakosi is both poet and psychotherapist, and his many publications include COLLECTED P

Rosenberg (June 10, 1983)

L. M. Rosenberg - Poet, teacher, and editor, Rosenberg's poems have appeared in numerous national pu

Roskolenko (December 16, 1983)

Harry Roskolenko - The late New York writer and world traveler reads from his work in this post-humo

Simic I (June 17, 1983)

Charles Simic - Simic reads from his award-winning book CLASSIC BALLROOM DANCES, as well as other po

Simpson L (May 27, 1983)

Louis Simpson - Simpson, a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet for his 1964 collection AT THE END OF THE OPE

Spike (September 30, 1983)

Paul Spike - Spike, a prolific fiction writer and journalist, reads from VACAVILLE, a novel set in t

Stafford, William (June 13, 2001)

William Stafford - National Book Award-winner William Stafford reads poems published in New Let

Stewart, Robert (November 18, 1983)

Robert Stewart - Robert Stewart, then managing editor of New Letters magazine, reads poems from his

Wright C (February 4, 1983)

Carolyne Wright - Wright reads from her books STEALING THE CHILDREN, RETURNING WHAT WE OWED and PREM

Ciardi, John: Save America's Treasures Selection (May 24, 2013)

show features excerpts from a 1983 reading in which Ciardi shares both poems about war and poems for

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